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What kind of soap?

While reportedly people use various kinds of bar soaps for tooth brushing with "everyone noticing improvement", personally I  recommend using a natural unscented soap (or with essential oils only) but (for safety and if available) without glycerin ("beware" however of handmade soaps since in contrast to industrial soap, the glycerin is not removed). Conventional store-bought soaps contain numerous man-made chemicals (additives, artificial fragrance/perfume etc.). It may be best to look for "cold process" soap made with only pure natural ingredients.

Castile soap

Someone commented that "Dr. Bronner's is a good choice because it's mild enough to use for brushing my teeth".

Some testimonials for brushing teeth with soap

Severe gum disease of 20 years standing cured

See Brushing with simple bar soap "miraculously" cures severe chronic periodontal disease with loss of teeth - conventional toothpaste and rinses failed.

Cleaner teeth and fresher breath

We've already started brushing with one drop of olive oil shampoo (see Edgar Cayce) with very very positive results in a short time. It's not at all unpleasant and leaves the teeth and gums feeling much cleaner, fresher and better than even the best health toothpastes which all seem to have glycerine in them. We've found that the 'itching' that always seemed to characterize the teeth and gums is gone and the teeth actually feel much cleaner for much longer as well as our breath being fresher."

Gums and tooth decay

I just happened to have a can of 'fruit fresh' in my kitchen at the time, so I pressed it into a new kind of service.  For those of you unfamiliar with this product, it is used in the cooking and canning of fruits and vegetables. It's about 1.50 in the canning section of your local grocery. It's pure Vitamin C, with some dextrose and silica.

So I grabbed it out of the pantry, along with the baking soda, and followed Dr. Judd's recommendations, with early promising results. My gums are beginning to reepithelialize, and I think that I may have arrested some decay that was occurring. This was important to me because I just changed employers and am currently waiting for my dental insurance to kick in.

I encourage anyone to try this for 2 weeks, and you will see a difference. I should also mention that [Dr. Judd's] article did not fall on unprepared ears-years of experience in the vitamin and supplement sales arena taught me to trust completely products from Alacer Corporation, a small company in California. They make EmergenC and many other fine products-and are dedicated to the idea that mineral ascorbates like the one homemade one that Dr. Judd gives the recipe for here, can make a huge difference in one's health.

One more thing-someone else I trust completely told me to never take a vitamin that contained aluminum-many of the cheaper multivitamins do, including centrum. This was in 1988! And no, I am not a vitamin rep!"

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