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"www.xylitol-brand-comparison.com contains a Xylitol comparison chart. If one searches further on the brand names, one realises that descriptions vary in specifying exactly what one buys. A few interesting examples are: e.g Euphoria – 'harvested from natural plant sources', Perfect Sweet – 'made from 100% natural Xylitol',  Zylosweet - 'our Xylitol is made from the birch tree', Xyli Pure – 'is xylitol, a naturally occurring polyol, a 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables'. PolySweet™ - 'is presently made from natural xylan, and the xylose processed from this xylan makes some of the purest xylitol made in the world'. Xylitol Now – 'Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is naturally present in small amounts in various fruits and vegetables. It was originally extracted from birch trees in Finland. Now Xylitol is derived from Non-GMO corn', or 'Commercially it is manufactured from xylan hemicellulose sources such as Birch trees in Finland, cane bagasse, and corn cobs.' Unique sweet xylitol - is a naturally occurring sweetener found in many fruits like strawberries, pears, and plums'.

So what I found out was that actually there are quite a few Xylitol brands (most of them) that do not state/specify if the sugar is from birch or other hardwood, or even a mixture of sugars. On enquiring further, I ended up making a list of brands to avoid as they are made of corn in China, not birch from Finland.
While it is good to simply trust what the packet says, many do not provide that further information, other than that it is Xylitol sugar made from hardwood."

The following is CK's list of companies / brands she found that are not made from corn in China/GMO-free (list not necessarily up-to-date or complete). As mentioned elsewhere, let no-one be deterred to go for the cheapest xylitol (incl. GMO) if they wish to save money:

Alpha Sweet
"The Really Healthy Company's AlphaSweet Xylitol is 100% pure-grade white granulated (like sugar) product made from sustainably harvested birch trees (not corn) and is GMO-free. Also, for every tree used in the manufacture of this xylitol, two more are planted in its place, and is from Finland."

Smart Sweet
"from organic hardwood, not corn – GMO free, USA."

Xylobrit ™
"predominantly from Beech and Birch hardwood, and is from Finland."

Xylitol Now
"Xylitol ... was originally extracted from birch trees in Finland. 'Now Xylitol' is derived from Non-GMO corn. ... Commercially it is manufactured from xylan hemicellulose sources such as Birch trees in Finland, cane bagasse, and corn cobs."

"our Xylitol is made from the birch tree".

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