Healing Teeth Naturally

In addition to scientific background on the true causes of tooth decay and gum disease, this site offers simple, natural & virtually free remedies, procedures and treatment programs designed to relieve, stop and heal toothache and periodontal disease at the causal level and restore teeth and gums to functionality and with some luck and/or great perseverance, from tooth decay and gum disease back to health (and as you will see from the testimonials provided, this is indeed a goal which seems extremely easy to achieve with respect to gums, and similarly easy with incipient cavities as well as tooth decay in children).

Healing Teeth Naturally has been created for the benefit of all of you who have one or several of the following goals or needs:

  • you need to do without a dentist due to your state of residence or bank account or the current unavailability of a professional "DDS" (doctor of dental surgery)
  • you wish to avoid all dental procedures & materials including the possible or proven (sometimes serious) health hazards involved in the practices of conventional dentistry
  • you wish to take full charge of your teeth's and gums' health
  • you wish to save money on dental expenses
  • you believe or are open to the possibility that the body's innate self-healing powers include your teeth and gums, no matter what your dentist or the media may have told (indoctrinated) you to believe
  • last but not least, you may also believe that health (and love) are far more important than a "perfect" smile flashing fake teeth.

As will become rather clear ;-), I am avoiding the dentist like a well-known medieaval disease since both personal experience and my in-depth study of the subject have shown dental practices to be mostly destructive to teeth and damaging to health (somewhat similar to the profitable operations allopaths and hospitals like to perform on organs [for instance stone-filled gallbladders] that could be easily healed and thus preserved using natural means).

I feel had I been taught from the start what I now know to be true about the natural self-healing power of the human body - including my teeth and gums - and the toxicity of conventional dentistry (rather than being coerced to have my teeth regularly "fixed" by a dentist for minor cavities which could have self-healed), I would have all my teeth in beautiful working order, instead of four teeth extracted and others seriously damaged by being filed down to allow the fitting of three bridges (all of which I have had since removed).

Also I could have saved myself a tremendous amount of physical pain, not to mention some money.

Numerous testimonials and some scientific research have shown teeth and gums to be ultimately self-healing and/or regenerating to one degree or another, and this, on a smaller scale such as the constant remineralization of the enamel's latticework via saliva/diet, etc., is agreed upon even in conventional dentistry circles.

That said, I feel that apart from spiritual interventions (compare Dr. Fuller's ministry) or the implementation of certain spiritual practices, the repair of seriously damaged teeth will only be accomplished

  • when and if strong, powerful and consistent proactive measures are implemented to strengthen the teeth and persistently eliminate the causes that would otherwise lead to their gradual and relentlessly progressing erosion and destruction. In other words, to my knowledge
  • teeth whose pulp is dead generally cannot be healed (regenerated / revived / regrown) but by spiritual intervention (but possibly with some pulp-reviving technologies released in the future). (On the other hand, even apparently "dead" teeth can be brought back to life / regenerated when strongly supported via extreme dietary measures, one example can be read at Tooth regeneration achieved via Gerson diet detoxification.) Also,
  • teeth (and jaws) that have been poisoned and traumatised by invasive dental treatment and toxic materials are equally unlikely to regenerate (compare Drilling & Filling Teeth.and related pages).

It is my (and others') observation that ironically, the very things most have been told are necessary to preserve one's teeth, such as brushing with commercial toothpaste and having the dentist regularly find and "fix" teeth affected by caries, are the factors which actually initiate and/or greatly accelerate the destruction of teeth and gums, and you will find much evidence on this site suggesting that this may indeed be so.

May this site help many to save both their teeth and gums & eventually their body from damaging treatments such as mercury amalgam and other fillings (leaking harmful substances [toxins]). Welcome to my nearly dentist-free zone where teeth take care of their own health with a little help from their best friend: you! Or as a friend of mine succinctly put it: Keep Your Gnashers! :-)

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