A farmer suffering from Alzheimer's disease had to sell his farm since he was lacking the energy required to look after it. He had a proven allergy to amalgam and wanted to have his numerous silver fillings removed. His insurance however wouldn't pay for having them exchanged against composite resins. Without further ado, he decided to have all his teeth pulled and simply went "in the buff" (i.e. without dentures).

Most surprisingly, his cognitive function improved tremendously. Having regained his ability to think logically, he wrote hundreds of letters to politicians and regulators on the subject of amalgam. He even called on the  Minister of Health of the time to lodge a complaint about people being poisoned courtesy of the health insurance.

He had multiple surgeries to draw out remaining heavy metal deposits from his jaw. After each such procedure his brain function improved even more.  His jaw was reopened at the places he used to carry an amalgam filling  and a strip of gauze with tetracycline was inserted like a tampon to draw out the toxins. The amounts of heavy metals he excreted kept increasing  and reached their peak after a full five years.

Also compare Dr Daunderer on the benefits of toothlessness.


1 Excerpted and translated from Dr Max Daunderer's autobiography. Dr Daunderer was Germany's foremost toxicologist.

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