The study "Mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after magnetic resonance imaging and following mobile phone use" looked into a possible link between exposure to MRIs and microwave radiation from cell phones and increased release of (highly toxic) mercury from dental fillings.[2]

By measuring and comparing urinary and salivary mercury concentrations before and after exposure to the above electromagnetic fields, the researchers found that MRI and mobile phone use triggered significantly higher mercury leakage from dental amalgam restorations. They suggest that other common sources of EMFs should additionally be investigated for similar effects on dental amalgam mercury.

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1 See Studies on electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs/EMRs) & cancer risk (research into the effect of cell & DECT phones and mobile phone towers on cancer incidence - breast, brain, skin, bladder cancers, leukemia, as well as nonspecified malignancies) as well as Mobile Phones, Electro Magnetic Radiation & Children’s Brain Cancer (adult users of cell or cordless phones also carry a high risk of developing a brain tumor).

2 This study was published in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences in 2008. See abstract at .

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