If you live in an EU country, you have until Friday, 14 November, to vote to make mercury amalgam dental fillings illegal throughout the EU.

Dentists Drs. Graeme and Lillian Munro-Hall, authors of Toxic Dentistry Exposed", write:

"URGENT: Deadline is 14th November 2014.

... a real opportunity has arisen to finally stop the use of Mercury Amalgam Fillings in dentistry within the EU.

We have been involved since the beginning in the negotiations of the Minimata Treaty* by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, promoting a worldwide ban on mercury in all its uses. Dental Amalgam has been specifically included in this treaty to be phased down.

The EU has asked its citizens to vote on whether they want a phasedown or a phaseout of dental amalgam.

"Phasedown" means that individual countries can decide to phase down the use of amalgam over any time period they choose. This could be anything up to 50 years from now.

"Phaseout" means a strict timetable is set in place to end the use of amalgam, which is likely to be between 2 and 5 years.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put pressure on the EU to ban this dangerous material and stop the damage mercury can cause to future generations and to the environment.

Please send this message to all your contacts soon. The deadline for the voting is 14th of November.

Note by Healing Teeth Naturally:

It seems that voting is only possible in English. If your contacts don't read English, they can use free online translation tools such as that provided at translate.google.com. However, various citizen's groups have provided pages explaining how to proceed in French[1], German[2] and Spanish[3].

How to vote to phase out amalgam in the E.U.

1. Go to http://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/MinamataConvention. At the top where it says “Pages”, click “P4. Questionnaire”.

2. Fill in your name, email, country, and responding as an individual or otherwise.

3. Go directly to Question 6. (Skip 1 to 5.) Choose one box, either phase down or phase out. We hope you choose phase OUT!:

... phased down in line with the relevant Minamata provisions


... subject to a phase out (maybe with certain justified exemptions)

4. Next question is “why.” You may skip that (or you may answer). Dentists should say they are dentists, and that they don’t use amalgam.

5. Scroll down to bottom; see “Type the text”. Type in the numbers shown in the photograph. (Yes, it is a security measure to make sure you are a real human being.)

6. Click the blue button that says “Submit” to cast your vote for phasing out amalgam use!

Thank you,

Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall BDS
Munro-Hall Clinic
4 Rushey Ford Business Park
West End Road, Kempston Rural
Bedford MK43 8RU"

Background info on why mercury amalgam should be phased out

See Dental fillings and particularly the concise Amalgam material safety data sheet (sample): how manufacturers warn dentists placing mercury fillings - so-called side effects include inter alia psychiatric symptoms ... and death.

* Minamata city, Japan: release of methylmercury in the industrial wastewater from a chemical factory from 1932 to 1968 led to mercury bioaccumulation in the fish eaten by the local populace and animals which subsequently experienced severe mercury poisoning (including insanity, paralysis, coma, and death), with cat, dog, pig and human deaths continuing for several decades before any measures were taken, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_disease.


1 www.non-au-mercure-dentaire.org

2 www.dguht.de/startseite/wollen-sie-dass-amalgamfullungen-abgeschafft-werden

3 www.ecologistasenaccion.org/article16354.html

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