Blind for 23 years: bad teeth extracted and woman sees again

On November 11, 1983, the German Neue Revue magazine (1946 - 2008) ran an article about one Gun Thoresson (age 53) from the town of Bureå (North Sweden) who regained her eyesight after having lost it following the placing of several mercury amalgam fillings 23 years earlier. Her dentist had suspected metal poisoning, and after the three amalgam-filled teeth were pulled, she indeed recovered her eyesight which enabled her to return to her office job.

Dr. Olga Sandgren of the regional hospital (city of Skellefteå) confirmed that there was no doubt a link between Thoresson's blindness and her former dental treatment: "With each tooth we extracted, she regained parts of her vision".

According to the book "Die Heilkunst von Morgen" by Erika Herbst, the above story was also covered by dpa (German Press Agency) Stockholm.

Erika Herbst learned two similar stories first-hand. One was from dentist Dr. Leuner (formerly Bad Berneck, Bavaria, Germany):

A homeopathic doctor in his town had asked Dr. Leuner to remove the amalgams from the mouth of one of her patients, Mrs. A. who had lost her sight which her doctor felt was due to her mercury amalgam fillings. While Dr. Leuner didn't believe there was a link, he obliged his colleague and took out the amalgam fillings. Shortly after, he met his homeopathic colleague in the street who joyously exclaimed, "Mrs. A. sees again".

This episode impressed the dentist so deeply that from then on, he discontinued using mercury amalgam on his patients, after all, he "could make someone blind".

Another dentist, Dr. Witte (formerly Feucht, a town close by Nuremberg) told Erika: "I once treated a girl from an Institution for the Blind. They had put amalgam into her front teeth since she was unable to see how it looked, which was horrible. I told her I'd remove the fillings since other girls also got ceramic restorations on their front teeth. When the amalgam was gone, she exclaimed, 'I can see!'"


It's likely that the above.described near-instant healings of previously blind women were at least partially due to the fact that their fillings - beyond being a constant source of mercury poisoning - were actually what is known as a "neural interference field" - benefits of amalgam detoxification typically will take much longer to become apparent and not show instant results.

For examples of what the removal of dental interference fields (which exert their influence via neural, galvanic/electric and/or meridian pathways) can "instantly" accomplish, see Impacted wisdom teeth: potential health impacts as well as the entire section on Dental interference fields and focal infections. Also see dentist Dr. Adler's two case reports of blindness healed.

Important caveats

Removal of mercury fillings should not be rushed - in fact badly done amalgam "cleanups" can create more damage to health than leaving existing amalgam fillings untouched. See the important Oral & Dental Detoxification section and for background, Dental fillings: potential toxic timebombs ticking in your mouth?.

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