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Intractable diarrhea permanently stopped

A talapoin (an Old World monkey) that had been fed a healthy diet of vital food (grasshoppers and ripe fruit) had been afflicted with near-continuous diarrhea for two years. Temporally controlled via antibiotics, his diarrhea appeared to be incurable.

At this point it was discovered that the animal's large left front incisor had broken off. An x-ray of the mouth revealed that both the crown and the root within the jaw bone had been broken (during an accident), and that a large abscess had formed at the tip of the root.

The animal was anesthesized and his broken tooth and the abscess surrounding it were removed.

The monkey tolerated the surgery very well. Several hours later, he was seen frolicking around as if nothing had ever been the matter with him. Three days later, his former diarrhea was gone (never to return) showing that the culprit had indeed been the dental interference field and focal infection he had been carrying in his mouth.

Dentist Dr. Adler observed another talapoin diarrhea case which clearly was not caused by interference fields: in contrast to the above, that case was healed initially by administering antibiotics and subsequently via dietary upgrades.

Eczema, pruritus (itching), alopecia (hair loss)

A talapoin named Chita had been running freely both outside the town and within the garden and forest. Upon returning in the evening one day, she had blood running from her mouth. A stone had hit her large front incisor, cutting it off obliquely all the way to underneath her gumline.

No extraction or other treatment could be done since by the next day, the gum had grown over and it was unclear how she would tolerate a general anesthesia.

Some months later, she developed alopecia plus eczema on her arm the same side as the tooth fracture, which she kept scratching all day.

According to what is known in Neural therapy[3] about the working of interference fields, the cause of the issue could only be lying in the tooth (which wasn't nonvital yet but whose pulp had degenerated).

To test this suspicion, the dentist injected several drops of a 2 percent solution of Procaine (a local anesthetic).

The results of this Neural therapy treatment fully confirmed his tentative diagnosis: instant cessation of the scratching, and the eczema healed after a few days.

Dr. Adler commented that such interference fields must of course be surgically removed once their presence has been established as  above. In this case, however, he was baffled to see that this single injection permanently healed both the pruritus and the eczema.

Animal revived after fatal injury

Another talapoin had died from a fatal wound inflicted by a stone (a boy was seen running from the scene). Bleeding from a gash at the top of his skull, he lay motionless, with no pulse detectable.

Dentist Dr Adler attempted injecting a few drops of Impletol[4] around and underneath the large wound (a well-known treatment for accidents in Neural therapy[3]). Immediately following the infiltration, the monkey stirred, opened his eyes for a moment, and fell into a deep sleep. It was 5 pm, and he slept until 11 pm.

Thanks to the first injection, the wound had not swollen, and Dr. Adler reinjected several drops in its vicinity. The monkey again fell asleep and slept till the following morning.

Very slowly the injured animal did recover his health. Although common with this kind of injury, he suffered no sequels either. He just didn't love children any longer.


1 Details under Dental interference fields and focal infections: important background information and Impacted wisdom teeth: potential health impacts: removing interference fields / focal infections can (near-)instantly heal physical ailments.

2 Cases summarised and translated from dentist Ernesto Adler's book "Neural Focal Dentistry: Illness Caused by Interference Fields in the Trigeminal" (German original: Störfeld und Herd im Trigeminusbereich: Ihre Bedeutung für die ärztliche und zahnärztliche Praxis, August 2013). If you wish to buy this book, please do so via this site's Amazon links.

3 Neural therapy uses injections of a local anesthetic into "suspect" locations of the body to treat pain and illness.

4 Impletol is a mix of the local anesthetic procaine and coffein for injection (no longer marketed).

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