A case of extremely bad breath quickly healed with autotherapy

A 34-year-old patient presented with terribly offensive breath (detectable from a six foot distance) and a slight hearing problem. Four grams of mucus collected from his mouth were mixed with an ounce of distilled water and thoroughly shaken, with small beads added to help the mucus' complete dispersion.

The mixture was then passed through the special filter devised by Dr. Duncan and injected under the patient's skin (Dr Duncan frequently mentions injections "over the biceps muscle"). Additionally the patient was prescribed the then popular drug Calomel[1] in divided doses as a purgative.

Within several days, his breath became fresh. He continued to receive twice-weekly injections for two months at which point he no longer developed any mucus. At the time of reporting (five years later) he continued to be symptom-free.

A case of bad breath due to chronic atrophic rhinitis (ozena)[2] rapidly cured with autotherapy

Another 34-year-old male patient who in addition to suffering from foul breath had also been afflicted with chronic bronchitis for many years. As with the patient above, his breath problem had isolated him socially.

He received four autotherapeutic treatments using expectorated mucus processed according to the Duncan method and administered in four-days intervals, after which both of his chronic conditions (atrophic rhinitis and bronchitis) were healed. As a follow-up, this patient occasionally received additional injections.

As a welcome side effect of the treatment, a pterygium[3] he was carrying on his left eye had reduced to one third its original size.

Dr. Duncan's book "Autotherapy"

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1 Mercury[I] chloride, which is hardly water-soluble and not easily absorbed by the body but still toxic.

2 A disease of the nose where microorganisms colonizing the nasal passages create foul-smelling crusts.

3 A wedge-shaped area of fibrosis that appears to grow into the cornea (Wikipedia).

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