In this manner, these brilliant homeopathic doctors also determined a standard homeopathic treatment for fighting tooth decay.

The Banerji Protocol for cavities includes:

  • Calc phos 6X (Calcarea Phosphorica [Phosphate of Lime] 6x potency) and Calc fluor 12X (Calcarea Fluorica 12X potency):
    Take 3 pills of each 3 times a day (remedies can be given simultaneously).
  • Plantago (plantain):
    Using a cotton bud, apply mother tincture or herbal extract of plantain liberally to the cavity area(s) twice a day.

Remineralizing teeth typically will take a while although it can happen faster. Keep applying the above remedies at least for 30 days. All doses must be taken 30 minutes before or after eating, drinking or tooth-brushing.

Note: make sure to not accidentally "antidote" the remedies, see Counteracting "antidotes" in homeopathy: interfering factors to be aware of and avoid.

Note 2: you can make your own mother tincture by steeping FRESH plantain leaves, finely chopped, in a glass container filled with Vodka or brandy (high proof such as 80) and allowing the leaves to soak or macerate for 4-6 weeks. You will find detailed instructions on the web.

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The Banerji Protocols — A New Method of Treatment with Homeopathic Medicines

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I feel that homeopathy is one of the most potent and effective while inexpensive treatment modalities available to mankind.

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