Horror stories I have seen alluded to include the case of a woman who was very ill. Via an advertisement, she found a dentist who claimed to be competent to undo the damage wrought by the toxic materials and conditions in her mouth. While she was happy to have found him, her joy didn't last since just three months following his "expert" interventions, her teeth fell out...

The subject of "holistic" dentists who actually make their patients worse (such as after amalgam removal undertaken to improve the patient's health) is also a somewhat recurring theme in Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall's recommended book "Toxic Dentistry Exposed" (see Books).

Based on decades of experience, Dr. Munro-Hall describes several cases where patients of his had previously been treated by "holistic" dentists whose treatment had seriously contributed to further deterioration of these patients' health.

Personal anecdotal reports of negative experiences with "holistic" dentists I have received (or read) include,

  • Dentist being dishonest, rude, untrustworthy, uncaring, unskilled, manipulative, snotty, filled with ego/greed, arrogant
  • Dentist only "holistic" by name, even using toxic, everyday-run-of-the-mill dental materials (Bisphenol-A, aluminium)
  • 'Dentist was very nice until I had a mouth full of dental instruments'
  • Dentist does not know how to safely or accurately take out amalgam fillings, causes extreme pain
  • Dentist is clueless with crowns and other specialized [and expensive] procedures, but does them anyway
  • Dentist made ill-fitting bridge causing much pain
  • Dentist was a disaster with taking out amalgams and caused larger, more expensive problems, patient went from one bad "holistic" doctor to the next trying to get help
  • Dentist broke two teeth of patient during a routine dental cleaning
  • Dentist doesn't know how to align a bite properly
  • Dentist makes cerec fillings too big, so that when chewing the opposite teeth get damaged
  • Dentist poured etchant (highly corrosive and containing Bisphenol A) onto the tooth to be treated, splashing it over the other teeth so it pooled in the patient's mouth and throat without being suctioned out. Patient subsequently spent hundreds of dollars trying to get the etchant off of the other teeth, especially at the back, where they felt permanently like sandpaper.
  • Dentist heavily advertises and markets himself to especially the natural wellness consumer
  • Patient had been taken in by a book written by the dentist in question, by the marketing hype that he was good as well as by the ill advice received from some misled "holistic" people. While she did get a bad feeling, she did not honor her own instincts that were however right on target.

From personal experience I can add that I was recently contacted by a dentist who introduced himself as having a "holistic" approach. Visiting his website, I saw that he actually offers the (highly questionable) root canal treatment right at the top of his treatment options, as well as the equally questionable dental implants (two post-surgery deaths on record)...

To help avoid unpleasant surprises (or worse) with alternative and/or holistic dentists

With all that said...

please also take note of the important points made in the following email I received from a holistic dentist. "...While I agree with many of your positions, such as anti root canal, mercury, and all, as a practicing dentist I would hope that [people] had more compassion for how difficult biological dentistry can be, how extreme are the expectations, and that negative outcomes are not always due to poor dentistry but poor patient compliance."

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1 (I am tempted to quip "although this is an oxymoron" - apologies to the wonderful dentists that do exist out there). Compare The cons of conventional dentistry.

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