Blind eye sees again (case 1)

A 60 year old farmer who had lost his sight in the left eye (due to keratitis[3]) would occasionally collapse, unconscious. Bedbound for several days, such episodes would be followed by a period of "vegetating".

Since the left side of the patient's face was slightly hyperemic[4] (a possible sign of sinusitis), Dr. Adler examined the unique tooth the farmer had left on that side. Exerting light pressure, the tip of the dentist's probe penetrated into the upper sinus.

Upon extracting the tooth, 20 ml of pus were voided from what turned out to be an empyema[5] of the sinus. The thin bony floor of the sinus cavity was removed, revealing total bone destruction which reached all the way to the incisor on the other side. From the alveolar ridge[6], the left eyeball could actually be shifted.

The wound - 1 cm wide by 6 cm long - was surgically cleaned and tamponed for nine days. It healed very rapidly, with the maxillary sinus open at the alveolar ridge, perfectly closing.

Several days later, all the farmer's previous health issues had disappeared and the patient was back to working morning to night without fatigue. Another two months, and his left eye had recovered its normal sight.

This case was followed for six years.

Blind eye sees again (case 2)

Another 60 year old farmer was blind in the right eye. He had the unfortunate habit of using a toothpick to constantly poke in the same area in his mouth. He had created a deep gum pocket plus an area of infected bone surrounding one of his molars. The tooth was extracted, followed by elimination of the affected bone substance which proved to be completely destroyed.

The farmer's eye healed perfectly.

Dr Adler commented on this case by writing that a simple extraction without clearing the zone of infection surrounding it will prevent rapid and complication-free healing. The early (conservative or surgical) elimination of pockets (if still possible, or if the pocket nearly reaches the tip of the tooth root, as in this case) will frequently help save the neighbouring teeth.


Eyesight restored after amalgam removal.

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1 Details under Dental interference fields and focal infections: important background information and Impacted wisdom teeth: potential health impacts: removing interference fields / focal infections can (near-)instantly heal physical ailments.

2 Case summarised and translated from dentist Ernesto Adler's book Neural Focal Dentistry: Illness Caused by Interference Fields in the Trigeminal (Amazon affiliate link — commissions earned. German original: Störfeld und Herd im Trigeminusbereich: Ihre Bedeutung für die ärztliche und zahnärztliche Praxis, August 2013).

3 Keratitis: inflammation of the cornea (front part of the eye)

4 hyperemic: congested with blood (from hyperemia = increase of blood flow)

5 Empyema: collection of pus in a naturally existing body cavity

6 Alveolar ridge: the ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaw and contains the sockets in which the teeth reside.

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