One success story is owed to site visitor James who put two drops of MMS in his 5 pound Chihuahua's water bowl for two weeks. It completely cleared up all her fungus and excessive bacterial issues that she had for ten years, including her ears, vaginal and mouth and stopped the infection from a decaying tooth.

Due to its rather harsh "internal cleanup" effect, however, caution is definitely advised when ingesting it. While there are many glowing testimonials of great health benefits after internal use of MMS, I also read one (fake?) account of a person dying (for reasons unknown/unstated) after ingestion within 13 hours of taking two drops.

Overall it would seem safest to me - if you do wish to try this somewhat controversial substance[1] (I haven't so far) - to only occasionally use it for toothbrushing and perhaps certain first-aid measures such as the treatment of an abscess (although there already are of course numerous gentle home remedies to do the latter[2]).

Note: Amazing benefits of MMS (as part of a combination treatment) have been reported for autism.[1]

Jim V. Humble, the "man behind MMS" and author of the book The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century said in a "Project Camelot" interview available on youtube (transcription by Healing Teeth Naturally):

Question: "In terms of the list of the diseases which MMS has been shown to be efficacious against... you're talking malaria, Aids, cancer, ... what else?"

"Flu, colds, all types of the diseases of the mouth... even people who think they have healthy mouths, if they will brush with MMS once or twice a day, they will find that their gums will get harder, their teeth will get more solidly in place, their teeth will get whiter, the MMS kills any bacteria on the teeth and helps enamel remain solid, and helps the enamel build back to a certain extent because if you kill all those bacteria in there, the enamel can improve to a certain extent.
I mean I've had lots and lots of people call me and tell me that their mouth was in terrible shape and ... how it had improved to normal or even better than what you consider normal so it really works well with fixing the mouth."

To further introduce you to MMS and its possible benefits in teeth and mouth care (I've seen a well-known alternative cancer "health authority" state that he only uses MMS for his teeth while another person stated that "MMS will knock out all tooth decay in a week"), here is an excerpt from the book The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, Part 2, 2nd Edition, by Jim V. Humble.

On dental uses and effects of brushing teeth with MMS: healing of abscessed teeth, infected gums & pyorrhea and fixing loose teeth

(excerpted from The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, Part 2)

"Use 6 drops in a glass, add ½ teaspoon of vinegar or lemon, or lime, wait three minutes and add ¼ glass of water. Use this solution to brush the teeth. Use a new solution every morning. Do not leave this solution in the mouth for longer than 60 seconds.

Expect the pain of an abscessed tooth to be overcome by the immune system in about four hours. Expect all infection and all pyorrhea to be gone in one week. Expect all loose teeth to be rock solid in two weeks. Expect a completely healthy mouth in less than three weeks.

Keep in mind that the MMS solution is the most powerful health solution ever developed and it will indeed do exactly what is described here.

There are exceptions, of course. In the case of an abscessed tooth where the abscess is inside the tooth and the MMS cannot reach it through a hole or some other way, the MMS will not then handle the abscess. It will have to be pulled.

Also you need to get rid of all the metal in your mouth. With metal in your mouth you are creating voltages and current that can be read on any old volt meter. It’s ruining you health. I’ve seen people who regained their sight merely by replacing the metal in their mouth." [But see Jim Humble's following update.]

MMS and internal dental abscesses: update by Jim Humble

In the same "Project Camelot" interview quoted above, Jim Humble related the following: "[I've had] all kinds of people who had terrible terrible diseases of the mouth, including abscessed teeth. Now for a long time I was pretty much convinced that if a tooth is abscessed from the inside you couldn't get MMS into it and therefore you couldn't cure it if it was abscessed from inside.

But the fact of the matter is, one of my guys said 'hey I am gonna try that DMSO [Dimethyl sulfoxide] and see if it'll soak in'. So he put it in and brushed his mouth with a real light soft toothbrush for a while just dipping it in the DMSO and MMS combination ... and in about two days, the abscess in his tooth went away. Now that's a total impossibility, but it worked. So it does really great things with the mouth."[3]

It is permissible to wonder here if brushing with the above MMS/DMSO combination would also be effective for cavitation infections.

Positive experiences with using MMS for toothbrushing and as a mouthwash

"MMS at 10 drops with 50 drops of citric acid stopped my bleeding gums."

"I have used the product and saw great results for parasite internal cleansing. In just two days of using a very dilute solution of it as a mouthwash, my gums are healthy. Wow!" (both found at

"I had bleeding gums most of my life. I use the MMS for toothbrushing and rinse and it does STOP the bleeding miraculously every time, been at it for about 3 years now! It also makes your breath more bearable, says the wife."

"Bad breath caused by bacteria and bleeding gums can be treated with a solution of MMS used as a mouthwash mornings and evenings. With deeper gum or even tooth root infections, one can add a few drops of DMSO to increase the effect, allowing the MMS to penetrate the tissues more deeply. Generally speaking, all problems should be gone within three or four days of application." (translated from a German source)

Negative experiences with using MMS for toothbrushing

"I have had Candida for many years and it has mainly affected my teeth and gums. Otherwise I thought I was healthy. I started MMS about a year ago and also brushed my teeth with it. After about two weeks my teeth turned black and it took about two months of brushing with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get them back to normal. ... My urine and saliva pH dropped to below 4. They were so acid that it was not even on the chart anymore." (found at

Note: toothpaste with MMS

There even exists a toothpaste called ClO2Sys that is based on chlorine dioxide.

... and for a complete summary of the best, easiest, and most efficient ways I know to stop and cure tooth decay

after studying the subject for twelve years, click here.



1 See the additional background, critical notes and "update 2016" re MMS under MMS® (chlorine dioxide) - a miracle supplement and inexpensive DIY treatment for malaria, cancer, autism, Aids and many other diseases?.

2 See Abscess home remedies.

3 DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a natural sulfur compound boasting an extremely wide therapeutic application range, even in the treatment of cancer and as a radioprotective agent. Some background information and a powerful anecdotal case report illustrating its phenomenal potential can be read under DMSO helps against lymphedema.

For practical purposes, note that DMSO readily penetrates the skin and other cell membranes and delivers whatever you combine it with right to the bloodstream. So do not wear plastic gloves, and do use glass utensils and observe the greatest cleanliness when handling it.

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