Poppy seeds

Sisymbrium seeds, whole, dried

Sesame seeds, whole & sesame butter or paste (aka Tahini or Tahina made from ground hulled sesame seeds)[1]

Chia seeds (dried)

Cottonseed meal & flour


Raw greens
While organically grown greens are frequently recommended as a bioavailable source of tooth-friendly calcium and more (see article), it also seems to be true that once salad is covered with oil (such as in salad dressing), it becomes difficult to digest and may be excreted in a similar state as it was ingested (if you are so inclined, study your bowel movement after a meal containing salad with oil dressing, unless you have very strong digestive juices and masticate very well, you may be surprised to actually recognise the salad you have eaten since it is mostly undigested).

For this reason, it may be wise to use raw greens mostly after blending them in a mixer in both sweet and savoury preparations (for instance as a "green smoothie").

General notes

As is likely true for most foods, you will get a higher nutrient content and a more balanced mineral spectrum (and simultaneously avoid pesticide, fungicide and other toxic residues) when opting for organic produce whenever possible.

Here are tips how to eat organic "on the cheap".


1 A person commented that after starting to make their own sesame milk, they have not had a cavity in 2 years.

With respect to milk (for those who use animal products), the only good source of bioavailable calcium seems to be raw organic milk from animals grazing on mineral-rich pastures.

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