[Beginning of book excerpt] Stories of tooth infections resulting in death abound on the web. It is also used as a scare tactic by dentists and other therapists who urge treatment of chronic root inflammation. In the 25 years I have worked as a general dentist, I have encountered a lot of symptomless, chronic tooth infection cases, and none of them have cost a single human life. I've had difficulty explaining that - why do some die, but others live on unaffected?

I found the answer in a session I had with Ulla, who is 63 years old. She was abused by her father from the ages of two to six. When she was 13 years old, she developed a serious inflammation in her three front teeth in her upper mouth. The inflammation spread upward to the front sinus.

That night she received an offer from the spirit world to leave this life, which was so difficult for her. If she didn't want to stay, the inflammation would spread to her brain, and she would die from it. She thought very carefully about the offer, but she chose to stay on earth and complete her mission.

Now, more than 50 years later, she is ready for a mission that involves teaching the rest of us how to distinguish between living the lives of others and living our own life. A life in which we focus on harmony, which is not necessarily the same as balance.

So yes, you can die of a dental infection. But it's an offer, not a punishment. Once we know the background and can make the distinction, we can stop being scared. It provides us with the opportunity to become wiser about ourselves and make important choices in life. [end of excerpt]


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