A man who submitted to a "complete smile makeover" in 2009 had his dentist place crowns[1] on every single tooth in his mouth, together with about 6 or 7 root canals[2].

In the years immediately following his acquisition of "new" teeth, two of them were surgically extracted upon his dentist's recommendation. He also noticed his health was not the best since he always felt ill, but no diagnosis was ever made (it can be reasonably assumed that there is a direct connection between the major toxicity created by the dental work he submitted to and his health complaints).[3]

When finally after four years, a crown on one of his front teeth fell out, he revisited his dentist to have the crown re-cemented.

To his utter horror (but actually not that surprisingly considering the potential "side" effects of dental crown placement[1]), the dentist (after taking extensive x-rays) announced that he had meanwhile developed major decay under each and every one of the crowns placed on his teeth. The dentist urged him to have immediate surgery by a specialist to have all of his teeth extracted.

Needless to say, this was devastating news both health-wise and financially for a person who had been given such high (but false hopes) just a few years earlier and who had paid for it dearly both in terms of money and health, not to mention trust in the dental profession.

Are there any ways to salvage teeth that have been damaged as in the above case?

Apart from spiritual intervention[4], there are two things that would seem advisable to do:

  1. Enquire with the organisations listed under Links to proponents of mercury-free dentistry, consumer advocates, dental self-empowerment etc. (scroll to "Mercury-free and/or holistic dentistry").
    In a case such as the foregoing, one is likely to receive some good advice but which will also include much surgery.
  2. Strengthen one's teeth, body and health as much as possible from the inside with vitamin D, K2, C, an excellent mineral-rich diet tailored to one's personal requirements and digestive capacity, regular detoxification etc., as well as from the outside using xylitol and many other DIY tooth-strengthening and cavity-fighting measures and products featured on this site[5] and elsewhere.

Judging mostly by personal experience, crowns are likely to fall out by themselves and with persistent effort, one may be able to save some or a number of the formerly crowned teeth.


1 For the damage done to teeth by crowning, see Risks & complications of dental crown placement.

2 For the damage done by root canals as well as its potential health hazards, see Root canal (endodontic) treatment.

3 Dentists Drs. Munro-Hall comment "Regarding PATIENTS WITH NO LABELS OR 'IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD':
Many patients have no labels on their symptoms. Often the patient has many symptoms which defy diagnosis. These are the most unfortunate patients. If they had a broken leg, the plaster splint would be visible to all. However, because the symptoms are not immediately visible and they have no diagnosis or label, they are not taken seriously enough. Unfortunately it can be, and often is, worse than that. These patients are told, 'It is all in your head' and they should, 'Buck up and pull themselves together'. The horrible reality is that these patients feel alone and abandoned often wondering whether it really is in their heads when the reality is that they are poisoned through no fault of their own." (from Toxic Dentistry Exposed)

4 See Spirituality.

5 See the Natural, Holistic and Resources section, particularly 8 tips for hardening a decayed tooth and Healing cavities naturally: a step-by-step guide.

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