I am very happy to hear your suggestions or tooth or gum healing story... and have several little precautions to share regarding personal enquiries:

1 Understand that this site is meant to help many hundreds of thousands of visitors, so please make sure to first consult the very extensive information already provided before personally enquiring with me.

2 Be aware that generally speaking, the information provided is complete, so please don't enquire about further details than those already provided since they are unknown to me at this time. This particularly refers to all testimonials.

3 Please do not send enquiries to the effect of "what is the best thing to do in my situation XYZ"...

First of all, I am not a dentist and don't give "medical advice". Considering the complexity of modern dental treatments as well as substances added to "patients'" mouths, coupled with your own specific health situation, strengths and weaknesses, it is impossible for me (and likely most "third parties") to know what would be best for you.

My best suggestion here is to inform yourself as thoroughly as possible and then follow your intuition and any internal guidance you may receive... (similarly, please don't enquire "how often" or "how long" to do any one practice, everyone is different!).

Note: A spiritual practice I myself use to good effect whenever I am in doubt on how best to proceed in any one matter, conflict etc. is Requesting the most benevolent outcome. Others of course may pray for guidance, meditate or follow other practises they trust in.

4 In case you are wondering whether one specific tooth of yours that you are having trouble with has a chance to regenerate, please read the background information regarding the "healability" of teeth provided under About Healing Teeth Naturally.

5 Do not ask me for referrals (such as "Where in my location 'X' can I find a dentist who practices the type of dentistry Y") since I do not have any addresses to share. You are likely do get answers to this kind of question by writing to one or several of the dentists' organisations listed under Links.

Similarly, please do not ask me for dentists I "could recommend" (I neither know nor use any any longer).

6 If your question relates to something you have read on a specific page, please include the URL of that page so I don't have to guess which of the currently (2018) 242 English-language pages on this site you may be referring to.

Generally remember that as mentioned no information is withheld so each page featured on this site contains everything I am aware of concerning the subject discussed on that particular page.

7 Testimonials: In case you offer an interesting experience of your own which would be a useful addition to the site, please include whether you'd like to have your name mentioned (or just the initials, or remain anonymous).

In case you don't state any preference, I will assume you prefer anonymity and will add your experience (or the most relevant parts of it) anonymously.

8 Last but not least, please make sure to use an email address that works (yes, I continue to receive and reply to requests for help and information where the sender’s address bounces or where s/he forgot to whitelist my address. This is particularly important considering the increasing number of spam filters applied by well-meaning ISPs (but which can lead to legitimate emails not being delivered).

In case you shouldn’t get an answer, it’s likely that your message didn’t reach me or my message didn't reach you. Simply try again, preferentially with a different email address hosted by another ISP/email server to increase the chance of not being caught in spam filters.

Update August 2014: An irate person contacted me angrily accusing me of being a "fake ministry" after having "sent me a check without receiving a reply". It turned out the person had confused healingteethnaturally.com with willardfuller.com to whom the check was sent.

As stated on the page about Dr. Willard Fuller's healing ministry, HealingTeethNaturally.com is NOT associated in any way, shape or form with the late Dr. Fuller's ministry (also, I am actually German and based in Germany).

(And just for the record: As is typical for this type of person, she did not consider it appropriate to apologize after learning the facts of the matter.)

Update February 2021: This site provides very extensive free help and information on how to heal and prevent diseases of the teeth and gums. Please understand that any further enquiries are welcome but are subject to a fee (fees starting at 10 USD, depending on the time and effort required, the fee will be higher and stated upfront). See Donations for how to easily send money to me.

Note for webmasters: While I am not interested in exchanging links (which I never do, sorry), I am interested in learning about novel approaches to dental healing, particularly from a holistic/energetic/spiritual angle.

Oh, and of course, I never share your email address with anyone.

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