1 Chronic receding gums (gingival recession), mouth hurting particularly around the tooth necks and upon contact with hot or cold substances or the toothbrush. Tartar (calculus), dark red gums which bled during brushing. Dentist said there was no hope.

All problems disappear after xylitol was used, "as if the teeth remineralised all by themselves". The tooth necks become pain-free, the gums become a healthy pink.

2 Chronically sensitive tooth necks

For years, the patient had been regularly treating his hypersensitive tooth necks with Elmex fluid or gel (both containing a high concentration of fluoride) which helped to desensitize them for a while. After starting to treat his teeth with xylitol, his tooth necks became permanently desensitized without requiring any additional measures.

3 Sensitive tooth necks and chronic coated tongue

Both disappear, hardly any tartar (calculus) left.

4 Better and cleaner teeth, oral irrigator no longer required

After a year of xylitol use plus toothbrush and floss, the teeth are in a far better state than they were when the patient was still using his irrigator.

5 Chronic inflammatory gingival enlargement (hyperplasia), dentists recommend surgery

After some six weeks of xylitol application, the gums have reduced in size and become normal again.

6 Root-treated tooth that keeps "reporting for duty"

After some time of brushing the teeth with xylitol, this tooth became completely "silent". When brushing with xylitol was interrupted, the tooth became "active" but soon fell silent again when xylitol brushing was resumed.[1]

7 Oral mucosa: big problems after chemotherapy[2]

After xylitol use several times daily the inflammation is gone, the taste sensation improved and all problems concerning the mucous membrane epithelium of the patient's mouth resolved.

8 Occlusal splint (bite splint/night guard) worn at night

Since using xylitol, the night guard is odour-free in the morning, as is the patient's mouth (no more morning breath).

9 Tartar (calculus) / plaque

a) comes crumbling off of spots where previously it had been stuck, teeth become super smooth
b) after two weeks of xylitol use, tartar is reduced by some 75 %
c) chronic calculus on three teeth nearly gone after one week of brushing teeth with xylitol, teeth gleam and are less sensitive to cold than previously
d) plaque and tartar: only four days of xylitol use and dental plaque has disappeared even from between the teeth. Previously, plaque had relatively quickly reoccurred even after professional cleanings[3] and daily flossing and brushing. Additionally, teeth are brighter, shining and super smooth: giving up smoking a year earlier had much less of a positive impact on tooth colour than a mere four days of xylitol use
e) able to keep plaque effectively under control using xylitol and some dietary upgrades.

10 Highly impressive: pain under crown gone

After using xylitol for almost 2 months, along with a baking soda & sea salt mixture for brushing, a site visitor reported (on 21.09.2013) that for the most part, he was thrilled with the results — teeth whiter and feeling cleaner, gums looking pinker and healthier.

The main reason for starting on this regimen however was much pain under a crown, along with swelling on the adjacent gum. Even this improved except for a small area on the gum that hadn't healed yet (I suggested he continue on this routine and additionally start incorporating some of the many dozens of additional tips and detailed advice on this site for healthier teeth and gums.)

In any case, considering that often a crowned tooth is doomed since during the preparatory filing the pulp can be damaged to the point it won't recover[4], the success already achieved with a combination of xylitol and a baking soda & sea salt mixture for brushing[5] is outstanding.

11 Cosmetic effects

a) Teeth feeling polished like after a professional cleansing done by a hygienist[3]
b) Twice daily toothbrushing followed by xylitol rinses for c. four minutes each visibly whitens the teeth within a few days time, making them look as if they had been professionally cleaned by a hygienist.[3]
c) smoother and whiter teeth after one week of xylitol application
d) A dental assistant compliments the patient who had brushed their teeth twice daily with xylitol: "In all my years of practice, I have never seen teeth scrubbed as clean as that!"

12 Pleasant side effect: constipation gone

After a lifetime of issues with constipation, since snacking and swishing with xylitol this issue is resolved.

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1 Healing Teeth Naturally does not endorse root canal treatment, see Root canal treatment: on potential health dangers.
2 Healing Teeth Naturally opposes chemotherapy, for the reasons see for instance these powerful and outspoken statements by cancer specialists and researchers on chemotherapy.
3 Healing Teeth Naturally strongly cautions against so-called professional tooth cleanings since they can damage teeth, see for instance this testimonial of a person whose front tooth was destroyed as a consequence. In susceptible individuals, they can also damage the heart.
4 See Risks & complications of dental crown placement.
5 See Toothpaste Alternatives: healthier ways to brush your teeth.

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