Periodontitis can be healed without surgery

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On psychological issues creating gum disease

Diseases of the gums (gum pockets, gingivitis) seem to be related both to stress and diet, and are particularly prevalent in people with relationship issues (breakups).

Indeed, before ever reading about the above possible connection, when I broke up with a previous boyfriend, I developed serious gum disease (my gums painfully swelled to the point that my entire face was affected). I went to see an anthroposophic doctor who helped me heal my gums with a homeopathic salve.

Dentist Joel Knapp confirms the link between stress and periodontal disease, quote: "We've had a lot of cases of gum disease that had no plaque at all. We found out that the person wasn't eating enough, wasn't getting enough sleep, and was under a lot of stress. There's a lot of gingivitis among people taking exams in college, and among people getting a divorce."

The vitamin C connection

As you may know, increased stress tends to use up the body's reserves of vitamin C. So it is little surprising that Research highlights the connection between periodontitis/gingivitis and low plasma ascorbic acid levels.

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