A personal abscess/swollen gum story (1):
rotten molar & fluoride

(contributed anonymously) "My dental real-life testimonial involves a molar in my lower left jaw which I had been (unsuccessfully) trying to save after its large gold filling had fallen out which I didn't have replaced.

The tooth's large cavity was blackened inside and much brushing didn't improve its condition. Following dietary gaffes such as sugar consumption, this hollowed-out tooth was often painful to use. In fact for months I couldn't chew with it at all without pain, forcing me to use the other side of my mouth.

Eventually I managed to improve its condition to the point where I was again able to chew soft foods on that side of my mouth. The root area of this molar however showed a continuous distinct swelling.

In an effort to strengthen and build up the tooth further, I started using fluoride toothpaste, fluoride gel and fluoride rinse[1] repeatedly, vigourously brushing the area and allowing it to sink in for a long time.

Shortly thereafter and two days after having blackstrap molasses and apple mango juice (second day just apple mango juice, each time diluted with some water, but still clearly acidic), all hell broke loose in that tooth and the gum underneath swelled to a huge size. While pain started only as a numb feeling of pressure/pain, in one to two days it developed into a huge, hot, aching swelling, waking me up from sleep.

By eating healthily (Budwig mix[2] with whole cucumber, broccoli, onion, carrot, arame [seaweed[3]] and raw milk[4]) and treating myself with salt water[5], salt (directly on abscess and swollen area then spitting to drain fluid and probably toxins) and tea tree oil[6], I managed to sleep and wake up soothed and painfree.

The swelling became less of a hard boil, still very swollen but clearly healing and eventually dwindling to a mere largish protuberance which remained very visible, while feelable and sensitive from the outside, however. Within a few days, the tooth and root were back to their previous state.

I see a clear connection between actually poisoning my mouth with fluoride and the resultant enormous swelling that developed, with the fluoride instead of supposedly strengthening my ailing tooth in fact contributing to its toxic state and actively poisoning the tooth/gum terrain.

My body then tried to discard and deal with the toxic load by developing the largest swelling it ever had (the largest width of the gum swelling in the tooth root area reached nearly that of my index finger during that crisis)."

Three tooth abcesses over a period of three years successfully self-treated (2)

(by O.S., 2014) The first one I treated successfully with celtic salt. It worked quite quickly and I had no further problems. Just had to use a very salty solution which I found a bit trying. The second one I treated with colloidal silver water and auto-urine which also was successful.

The most recent one was the worst. My face was swollen on one side including the ear. It was the most painful with an internal swelling. I used 50% DMSO and colloidal silver, internally and externally which really brought down the pain and swelling quite quickly. I also used urine but without DMSO. It also was effective.

On the third day I swished with chamomile tea for an hour before bed but had used the aforementioned during the day and chamomile brought the abcess to a head, draining it.

I do oil pulling with sesame oil as directed by Ayurveda and it has been three years now and there is no plaque. Now I swish with urine or colloidal silver a second time during the day to stave off infections in the future.

I had a cavity on one front tooth at the gumline and with all this treatment it is not visible any longer. The good side of an abcess treatment is that all the other teeth benefit. For pain DMSO is excellent.[7]

Deep-seated tooth root infection cured with homeopathics (3)

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1 When previously using fluoridated tooth gel, I had been seduced by the gleam my front teeth showed after brushing and thought that the fluoride gel must be good for them. But compare Toothpaste ingredients which could harm your health and Water and toothpaste fluoridation: fluoride ruins teeth for an enlarged and very different (in fact, opposite) view.

2 Compare The basis of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet.

3 Compare Foods rich in minerals & trace elements: some easily affordable sources.

4 Compare Raw organic milk: an excellent source of bioavailable tooth-friendly minerals such as calcium etc.?.

5 Compare My personal best toothache cure.

6 Details on tea tree oil.

7 DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a sulfur compound with a long history of outstanding therapeutic successes in a wide range of applications — apparently one of the true panaceas available to humankind. For background and a powerful case report, see e.g. DMSO helps against lymphedema?.

Case stories: natural tooth and/or gum healing