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From extensive studies such as those carried out by dentist Weston A. Price and other researchers into the genesis of tooth decay (and even simple observation) it is obvious that sugar, bacteria and/or dental hygiene measures (or their absence) can play an important part in dental health and disease. But they are not the only determinants.

Otherwise it wouldn't be possible that some people with "bad" oral hygiene habits and a diet full of sugar and white flour never know a cavity while others with excellent hygiene and diet have a mouth full of cavities.

One reason of course is the more or less "good start" we have been given by our own mother (see Minerals and trace elements) which will determine to some extent how resistant our teeth will be to decay.

A major additional puzzle piece to the riddle of immunity to tooth decay has been provided by the decadeslong research of Drs. Steinman and Leonora into the dentinal fluid transport system showing that teeth have an effective inbuilt self-defense mechanism.

But even so - the fact that caries bacteria frequently attack just a certain tooth while leaving the neighbouring teeth alone - in spite of being up close and personal with them - is still without explanation.

This latter observation only makes sense if one assumes that there also is an underlying energetic weakness at work, which renders that particular tooth less able to defend itself against such attack.

This of course is indeed the view of healing approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and several dental researchers who attribute dental decay and other oral issues to emotional and/or energetic factors. In fact, some of them such as French dentist Estelle Vereeck even go into great detail in how they connect the lesions affecting specific teeth to equally specific types of trauma related to our upbringing and present circumstances.

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