According to a recent article published in "Acta Oncologica" (2010; 49:447-453), a person having had dental X-rays runs a (much) higher risk of developing cancer of the thyroid.

These findings are based on the dental records of 313 thyroid cancer patients in Kuwait which demonstrated that as in other cases of exposure to ionising radiation, there is a cumulative effect. It was found that from ten x-ray treatments onwards, patients' thyroid cancer risk was substantially increased (to 5.4 times higher as compared to those who've never received a dental x-ray).

And even having had just five to nine dental x-rays already quadrupled thyroid cancer risk, while having had as little as one to four x-ray exposures still more than doubled it.

Interestingly, this dangerous trend works both ways since previous studies were able to show that dentists, their assistants as well as X-ray assistants are diagnosed with thyroid cancer much more frequently than the "normal" population.

So rather than routinely using dangerous ionizing radiation for checkups and diagnostic purposes in the dentist's office, this practice should be strictly reserved for specific clinical situations.

There simply is no such thing as harmless ionising radiation. So you may wish to avoid all so-called routine dental (and other) examinations by x-rays, except if there are genuine issues to be investigated.

Since x-rays also can damage the reproductive organs of children and adults, keeping x-ray exposure to a minimum is doubly important for would-be parents, and to be completely avoided during pregnancy. Children being more vulnerable to x-rays should particularly be protected.

In case you should submit to an x-ray, shield yourself such as covering your reproductive organs, thyroid and thymus glands with a lead apron. You can also fortify and detoxify your body nutritionally, with baths etc.[1]

X-rays and the detection of cavitation infections

In addition to increasing thyroid cancer risk, the very significant cavitation infections[2] which can cause trigeminal-neuralgia-like pain or more frequently be painless while still having far-reaching potential effects on health, tend to be invisible on x-ray films (as well as MRI scans).

While a bone infection typically shows itself as a distinctive dark shadow on x-ray film, cavitation infections are only faintly perceptible on x-rays so tend to be overlooked.

Here a major technological development of the last 25 years comes into play, the Cavitat Ultrasound Scanner which will show the size and position of any cavitation infection in a three-dimensional representation while not burdening the body with ionising radiation.


1 For many helpful tips, see Combatting radiation poisoning tips: Chelating (detoxifying) excess ionizing radiation & destructive radioactivity from your body and treating radiation burns naturally. For other ways in which "routine" exposure to ionizing radiation increases cancer risk, see Ionizing Radiation (Fluoroscopy/ Mammography/Medical X-Rays) Proven Causes of Breast Cancer.

2 See Dental cavitations and cavitation infections (ischemic osteonecrosis): dangerous hidey-holes in the jawbone.

Miscellaneous Risks Related to Conventional Dental Treatment