My "teacher" was healed by going for complete dentures

In 1994 I met Willi in Crete where I wrote many of my books.

He had landed there as a parachutist in World War II and decided to stay. Being a very heavy drinker, he lay unconscious in a hepatic coma (coma hepaticum or hepatic encephalopathy, a result of liver failure)  at the age of 54  and barely survived. He was told by a drug specialist:

1. to never have another drop of alcohol
2. to have all his teeth pulled and his jaw cleared of pus.

He did both. He then moved with his wife to the Cretan village of Agio Galini where he spent the summer in his van on the camping site. We had numerous long conversations as we went hiking together through the island. That's when I first learned that

• pulling all teeth in a single session doesn't hurt
• one gets used to dentures within eight days
• both the mouth and the head feel incredibly "light" afterwards
• eyesight, hearing and the sense of taste are vastly improved
• one's zest for life will grow by leaps and bounds
• he enjoyed food, drink and parties so much more than before
• a host of complaints instantly left
• one can eat anything with dentures
• a knife will replace the function of the incisors
• since having his teeth pulled he felt "better than he ever had“
• after his teeth were extracted he never again saw a dentist or doctor (and kept it up to the end of his life)
• when he no longer needed them and simply remained healthy, his dentists and doctors made spiteful comments 
• he preferred staying in Crete to living in Germany where pus-filled teeth  are "nurtured" and maintained by hook or by crook.

He  easily adjusted his lifestyle to having no teeth:
• at barbecues he ate sausages rather than spare ribs
• when diving he stowed away his dentures in his swimming trunks
• he always carried spare dentures in his luggage.

Back home I immediately went to the dentist and did what Willi had done. It was completely painfree. After the extractions I had a cup of coffee which was refreshing and killed whatever pain wanted to develop. Everything healed within eight days.

[Note: Although Dr Daunderer only mentions it in other places of his Autobiography, he also had his jawbone decorticated and curetted to remove the layer "saturated" with toxins from previous amalgam and gold fillings. Compare Dr. Klinghardt on why the entire jaw bone has become for most of us a toxic waste dump for a number of materials.]

Everything I had heard from Willi was confirmed. What he had taught me on my holiday was my greatest light bulb moment and the most useful thing I have ever learned! Willi was better than all my medical studies which teach the very opposite nonsense!

I have been eating without teeth for 15 years now, it tastes great – unfortunately a bit too great. It always makes me think of the many doctors who believe that one needs artificial teeth to satisfy one's hunger! They really should go visit Crete, where young bus drivers with missing teeth are the happiest and healthiest people around!

Since then I have been very happy to never again have to see a dentist. For scientific reasons I have six dentures which were all adjusted in the laboratory. As I had tested everything beforehand (pure ceramics, lab-fabricated plastic bridges etc.), I have tried different dentures and casting techniques (natural rubber, dentures without palate and others). The best ones were the decontaminated dentures made by Otto Huber in Obergriesbach.

I wear a denture one hour a week at the most. Like the old farmers I enjoy life to the full, denture-free. The only ones who have problems are my visitors, but I don't care.

I am infinitely grateful to Willi, the former parachutist in Crete, who wanted to survive his liver coma caused by his drinking  and had all his teeth pulled. He told me the technical details which you'll never hear from your dentist since he fears for his livelihood:

With dentures, everything must be chopped before eating. Then life is the same as before. You always need some spare dentures. After some weeks, you can kiss and eat the same as before.

45 years ago in medical school, I learned that the first step to take with any serious illness — particularly with cancer —  is to remove all potential infections (suppurative foci) from the jaw. We were particularly forbidden to treat leukemia before the jaws were definitely free of pus. The survival rate was significantly higher in the toothless than in those with halitosis. At that time, students were taught these things but shortly after there was a radical shift — which continues to this day.


1 Extracted and translated from Dr. med. Dr. med. habil. Max Daunderer's book "Autobiografie" (2011).

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