Before we begin, a note of caution

Only use food grade diatomaceous earth - the kind to avoid is called "pool grade." What is the difference between food grade and pool grade diatomaceous earth?

They are  treated  differently. Pool Grade is treated with very high heat ("calcined"). This turns much of the silicon dioxide in the diatomaceous earth into crystalline silica. While Pool Grade diatomaceous earth contains over 60% of crystalline silica, the uncalcinated, not heat-treated diatomaceous earth consists of amorphous silica, with crystal silica content under 2%.

Crystalline silica is dangerous to human and animal health.

Sensitivity of teeth and gums to sugar disappears

A testimonial by N.N.

I have cracked molars from tooth grinding and my teeth and gums are sensitive to sugars. I've had no processed sugar for 6 weeks and been taking diatomaceous earth (8 tablespoons in divided doses) for five weeks now. Today I had a handful of candy.

While I am aware that teeth can remineralize over a longer period of time I can’t believe the difference in my gums and teeth strength - nothing hurt!

Apparently higher doses such as above do allow more results to be achieved.

Hole in tooth disappears thanks to regular tooth-building routine incl. diatomaceous earth

A testimonial by J.R.

A gap had appeared on the bottom of one of my back teeth, I could feel it with my tongue and had to be careful about food getting in there.  Well last night I realized the gap had closed up!!

I do credit urine therapy[2], as well as the daily intake of a concoction I came up with of diatomaceous earth, blackstrap molasses[3] and apple cider vinegar in water, with some drops of Lugol's iodine, and taking a tablespoon or more of gelatin every day.  All bone/teeth builders!  :D

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1 See explanations given in Equisetum arvense as "calcium" supplement.

2 See Uropathy for the healing of teeth and gum problems.

3 Blackstrap molasses count among the recommended inexpensive mineral- and trace-element-rich foods.


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