While the Bible's Jesus and dead and living saints in the Christian, Hindu (and likely other) religious traditions are credited with the ability to perform healing miracles (and the "true believer" usually has to take these accounts on simple faith), relatively few (at least in the Western hemisphere) have the privilege and are blessed with the opportunity to directly witness what we consider a miracle: events that are not explainable by any of the physical laws humans have so far discovered.

Now thanks to modern communication, we are blessed to be able to learn about and until recently, even witness true miracles of healing, as they transpired in the presence of Dr. Willard Fuller for nearly 50 years.

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Who was Dr. Willard Fuller?

Dr. Fuller (1915 to 2009) held a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, a degree in electrical engineering, and a degree in Theology which he received in 1946 after serving as a Master Sergeant in the United States Army.

How Dr. Fuller came to work as a healer "specialising" in dental problems

The following is excerpted from “Can GOD Fill Teeth? THE REAL FACTS ABOUT THE MIRACLE MINISTRY OF EVANGELIST WILLARD FULLER A Documentary”[1] by Daniel W. Fry[2] (a former NASA space scientist).

Daniel W. Fry writes in his preface, "This book is a document of incredible events which have occurred and which are still occurring. The history of an almost continuous succession of miracles, which are so completely and precisely documented that there can be no doubt that they actually took place." ...

"In 1960 [Dr. Willard Fuller] received what is known as the 'Baptism In the Holy Spirit'. He had the unique experience of 'speaking in tongues' and he has had this surprising phenomenon occur many times since.

Three days after this event he was on his knees in an office by himself when he heard the voice of his Creator, audibly spoken from outside him, all through in the room, telling him that he had been given the gifts of miracles, healings, and discerning of spirits.

This was a profound and sacred experience for Willard.

During the next three months he prayed and fasted, remaining alone in study and meditation. Here he was led into deeper understanding of the Lord. Scriptures were illumined for him, and puzzling problems dealing with religion, scripture and teachings were made clear to his mind.

After this experience he went into revival meetings as an independent full-time evangelist. He had been shown during his three months retreat the validity of the laying-on-of-hands as a form of prayer contact. He had been shown that he was to use this form in his ministry.

After he had explained to his congregation the new insights that he had received he would ask those in need of healing of the body to step forward. As prayer lines formed, Brother Fuller would lay his hands upon them in the name of Jesus, and all kinds of healings took place.

Cancers, goiters, warts, ugly birthmarks would disappear. People with arthritis, crippled and on crutches, would be healed instantly. Stomach ulcers, headaches, sinus and asthma afflictions would be cured. Those who were deaf were given their hearing, and some with poor eyesight, or no sight at all, began to see again. Many marvelous things took place in these early meetings.

In March of 1960, Brother Fuller visited a man of whom it was said that when he prayed for people, many received new fillings in their teeth. In this first meeting with Evangelist A.C. McKaig, Brother Fuller saw cavities in the teeth of those in the prayer line fill with porcelain while he watched.

Near the end of the service, Evangelist McKaig said he would pray for Brother Fuller that he would receive a double portion of God’s power. The Evangelist had planned to lay his hands on Brother Fuller’s head and say a prayer when, instead, his lips began to move in prophecy.

'Think it not strange, My son, the things that thou hast seen me do through this My servant, for all the things that thou hast seen Me do through him, I shall do through thee, and greater things than thou hast seen Me do through him, I shall do through thee.' On the last word the Evangelist laid his hands on Brother Fuller’s head and said, 'Now, Lord, give him the power that he needs.'

The impact of the inflowing power was so great that Willard Fuller lost consciousness. When he rose to his feet again, he stood in a different ministry, for shortly thereafter he himself was asking his congregation, 'Can God Fill Teeth? If you believe He can, come up here and I will lay my hands upon you, and God will meet your dental needs'.

More than a thousand people each year have had this type of healing given to them, and still God continues to expand and to improve the ministry of Brother Fuller."

While the reader is strongly encouraged to read Daniel Fry's awe-inspiring book[1] in its entirety, below are some more excerpts from “Can God Fill Teeth?” containing various healing testimonials, some of which are first-person accounts, and some are in the form of newspaper articles published at the time the healings were witnessed.

As you will see, not everyone receives a dental healing but "something" is definitely going on as also apparent from the following private communication I received in 2007 from a man I will call John:

"I had a private healing session with Fuller myself, some 20 years ago, that was an incredible experience. His energy was overwhelming, and when he finally took my hands and said a prayer it was as if I was hit by a lightning of light and energy, so powerful that I almost passed out.

Nothing happened to my teeth though, apparently it doesn't work for everyone (even Fuller himself has never had his teeth healed, go figure...). But he certainly isn't a quack like many sceptics claim, I know that from the experience I had myself."

Dental healing testimonials involving Dr. Willard Fuller's healing ministry, excerpted from “Can God Fill Teeth?” by Daniel Fry

(quoting from newspaper article)

Here's a Different Faith Healing;
Cavities Filled, Teeth Straightened
By ADON TAFT, Herald Religion Editor

Fillings turning to gold, cavities being filled, and teeth being straightened are among some of the dental "healings" being reported in a series of unusual meeting in progress at the Evangel Temple, 3516 NW Seventh Ave.

"I've never seen anything like this," declared the Rev. Martin Luther Davidson, pastor of the Assemblies of God church. One of the leading ministers in a denomination in which healing services are a regular practice, the Rev. Mr. Davidson is known to be very cautious and slow to endorse the work of any of the so-called faith healers. Oral Roberts is one of only three whose ministries he supports. "But I've never before seen dental healings,” he said. “And these things happened right before our eyes."

He referred to the events which took place Tuesday night in a service conducted by the Rev. Willard Fuller, of Mountain View, Calif.

"I have a cavity in the process of being filled," insisted Mrs. Evelyn Marzullo, 1794 SW 19th St., who pointed to a tooth which appeared to have a large white filling except for a small black spot in the middle. She said the whole top of the tooth had been black when "threads of white began circling the cavity and began filling it" during the Tuesday night service. A Catholic, who had come to the service with a friend, Mrs. Marzullo said that a filling in another tooth had turned to gold when she joined a line of about 100 people upon whom the Rev. Dr. Fuller laid his hands and prayed.

About half of those reported some sort of dental healing, according to the Rev. Mr. Davidson. But some of them actually were not healed, noted the Rev. Dr. Fuller. There always are a few people who become emotional and think something happened that did not,” he said. “One woman thought her fillings had turned to gold and went to her dentist to tell him what had happened to her. He reminded her that he had put in the gold fillings himself some time ago.”

On the other hand there are those like Mrs. Ann Mitchell, 1942 Taylor St., Hollywood, who displayed a gold tooth at the very back of her upper jaw which she said was not gold before. In fact, she added, it was almost entirely black from decay that two years ago prompted her to consider having it pulled. But since that tooth was anchoring a bridge which covered most of her upper jaw, the decision was to keep it as long as possible. A check with the Fort Lauderdale dentist who has treated Mrs. Mitchell for 12 years confirmed at least that he did not gold plate the tooth.

Mrs. Cynthia Reddy, 14500 Mahogany Ct. Miami Lakes, who said her teeth had been discolored all her life, smiled to show a row of white teeth which she said got that way during the service. The teeth were not quite straight, but she said they were much better than ever before when they overlapped. “I can run my tongue along them without it catching now,” she said. During the service, Mrs. Reddy recalled, “It felt like my jaw was being stretched.”

The Rev. Dr. Fuller has letters in which people testify that a new tooth has instantaneously grown into a space where a permanent tooth had been knocked out or pulled. Names and addresses of dentists are included. He also has a newspaper clipping telling of a dentist who described the filling which appeared in one of his patient’s teeth during a service as looking something like gold and something like silver, but not actually either. The dentist said that an analysis of a scraping showed it was structured unlike anything he had ever seen.

"I don't know what happens, or how God does it," said the Rev. Dr. Fuller. "All I know is that it happens." It has not happened to him or his wife, both of whom have dental deficiencies. He said it has happened to more than 1,000 persons a year since he "received the baptism of the Holy Spirit" in 1960. And Dr. Daniel Fry, of Merlin, Ore., who designed the guidance system for the first Atlas rocket, is writing a book about those dental healings, the Rev. Dr. Fuller said.

(private testimonial)

Mrs. O. Ruddick, Pueblo, CO

THE DAYS OF MIRACLES ARE PAST? Don't you believe it!

I was asked by a neighbor to come to her church as they were having a revival by the great Evangelist, Willard Fuller. Of course, like many people, "THIS", I wanted to see - - dental work being performed before one's very eyes. I, being a dental assistant for almost 25 years, was a doubting Thomas.
After prayer for those in the healing line, I looked into the mouth of several people. I saw gold fillings. Dentures were tightened. Sore gums (pyorrhea, etc.) were healed.

I saw a cavity on a five-year-old boy being filled with a white material moving with a slow, circular motion. I kept saying to myself, "What am I seeing?" I was on the borderline of doubt.

This is hard to explain at this time.

There is a little deaf boy, aged 9, in my neighborhood who has a great fear of dentists. I wanted very badly to have this boy healed because of his handicap and also his fear. (I, myself, have a little deaf girl.) I told his parents what I had seen at the Revival, and asked them if they would mind me taking him for dental needs as he had two large cavities in his lower jaw. (I saw them.) They agreed but were skeptical.

Reverend Fuller asked those with dental needs to come forward. I noticed he stressed the two words “believe” and "faith." He prayed for them. It seemed his whole being was for those in need.

The little deaf boy’s brother, who was standing next to him, received a filling. But why did not the deaf boy who was in such need?

We came home. I sat with the parents and kept saying (or maybe it was prayer in my own way), “he needs fillings.” I checked off and on in his mouth. I then looked at the clock. It was 11:10 P.M. I asked the little deaf child to let me see, as it was late. Myself, his mother and father looked into his mouth. His teeth were being filled slowly with a circular movement and a white material was being molded into the cavity as we watched. I was so excited I was speechless. My God! It’s happening. There is still some decay, which I know will be completely taken care of. This morning I checked again and a little more filling has been added.

My own daughter, aged 9, had a filling placed. Thank goodness it saved me a dental bill.

The name of the little deaf child is Bobbie Reiss.

Note: Porcelain fillings are common occurrences and are interesting because they are the ones most people can watch “grow in.” The formation of the porcelain filling is fast enough that the change is apparent to the viewer and slow enough that many people get a chance to view the growing in at first hand. The system used to view the filling is simple and has proven the most satisfactory. As soon as it is determined that a porcelain filling is gradually filling in the cavity, those people close at hand are encouraged at once to gather in for a look at it. Two or three see and then move away to make room for several more. As many as fifty to sixty people have been able to see a filling grow all the way in this way.

Note: It is interesting to note that a variety of substances are used in the same mouth. Where there are several cavities, one or two will be filled in gold and the rest in silver or porcelain. One cavity was filled with a ruby-like substance of a translucent quality. Several times a bronze metal has filled in. Twice spectators have seen a platinum-translucent-type metal. Two tiny cavities later contained fillings that sparkled like diamonds.

There are occasions when a filling will begin with one substance in the healing process and then change to another later. One man had a composition filling put in by a dentist during the second world war. It had turned dark. After prayer he noticed that the filling had changed to a bright shiny silver. Two weeks later he was shaving one morning when he noticed that the new silver filling was now a bright glistening gold!

In this same vein, a woman reported a sensation in her tooth where she had a cavity. Upon examination in front of many spectators, it was discovered that she had a substance that looked gummy-like putty in her cavity. The next day she picked the substance out. It was similar in appearance to the material many dentists use as temporary fillings and for holding temporary crowns.

Ashamed of what she had done through her curiosity, the woman prayed that the healing in her teeth would continue. The cavity filled up again with the same substance, a substance that looked like a temporary filling. About one week later this woman’s filling changed to a porcelain-type material and remained in that state.

A recent book on the market, which gives the author’s opinion on the validity of faith healings throughout the world, presents a brief account of a woman who allegedly attended one of Brother Fuller’s services. Presumably, she was told that she had received a filling in her cavity. The next day she went to a dentist who picked out the filling and reported that it was apparently a type of temporary filling. With this "evidence" the woman gave the "facts" to the author who used this one case as his only evidence to “prove” his accusation that the ministry of Willard Fuller is a fake.

How fortunate it is that there have been several cases of a temporary filling coming in first before a later change to some other substance is manifested. Such flimsy, unsubstantiated reporting makes it doubly important that people use discretion when relying upon words written in a book.

The cases reported or referred to in this volume are taken from the person’s testimonies written in their own hand and most of them are verified by dentists and physicians. Many of the reports that are gathered are accounts of what has been witnessed first hand, as well as reports of personal healings.

Regarding personal healing reports, it is obvious that mistakes must occur. In an examination of forty or fifty people after an hour-long sermon, there is sure to be an occasional mistake. But the mistake is usually on the part of the one examined and not Brother Fuller. He carefully avoids pointing out any evidence of a healing and leaves the discovery of it to the one being examined or to the other viewers.

There are instances when a person will think he had a silver filling in a tooth that now shows a gold one or a gold filling where now there is a whole, white tooth. But the person’s memory is at fault and an error is made due to it. Actually, there have been very, very few such mistakes over this eight year period, and this, too, is a phenomenon of sorts.

(private testimonial)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I would like to give you this testimony of what God did for me in the Revival which you conducted at our church, CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF GOD in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When I was prayed for in the line for dental needs, there was no evidence of anything being done. You will remember telling me to go home and brush my gums twice each day for seven days. This I did and on the seventh day after brushing that night I looked to see what God had done. I found that the gums had been healed perfectly.

Then I saw that one of the old silver fillings (by the dentist) that had turned black was now bright yellow gold. The next morning two more had turned to gold, and by the next night one more, making four in all.

I am thanking and praising God for healing my gums and giving me these four new gold fillings. This is His sign to me.

Author’s Note: It has been the pattern in the area of gum disorders that after the prayer line the person do a certain gum exercise for seven days. Willard Fuller describes it in detail [to] the person with the gum trouble. It is assumed that the obedience and faith of the person desiring healing contributes to the completion of the healing. Many people state their gums became healthy and remained so after this experience.

(private testimonial)

V.G., Benson, Arizona March 26, 1965


In October 1963, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we attended one of Evangelist Willard Fuller’s meetings. During one healing service my husband went forward for prayer for dental needs. He had been to the dentist prior to this to see what needed to be done. The dentist said that all the old fillings would have to be taken out and replaced by new ones. Also, one tooth would have to be pulled. He said it would cost about $300.00. We made an appointment for a later date, but in the meantime we attended Brother Fuller’s meeting.

My husband was in the prayer line and I was standing beside him. When my husband opened his mouth I watched the whole process. Let me tell you, it was glorious what I saw! The first thing I saw was this: EVERY OLD FILLING VANISHED COMPLETELY! Every cavity looked as if it has been cleaned thoroughly. Then, as I continued to watch, in each of three of the cavities there appeared a tiny speck in the center that resembled a pin or needle point. Then each speck grew until every one of the teeth was filled to the top and then the fillings began to sparkle like gold. The tooth that needed to be pulled was only half-filled with gold.

We were puzzled about this until my husband testified to a neighbor who said that it must have been done by a dentist. We asked him if he knew of a dentist that would put in only half of a filling. Now we know why God did it this way.

This miracle took place in 1963. In those two years my husband has not had one bit of trouble. This lasting work was done in less than one minute. Praise the Lord for ministers like Brother Fuller that will let the Lord use them to the Glory of God.

(private testimonial)

Mrs. J.J., Soledad, California February 16, 1967

I was prayed for and a few minutes later I watched my healing begin. People around me watched, too as new white began to form on a very prominent cavity. Someone said it looked like my tooth began to sweat new porcelain. I also started receiving six new teeth.

(private testimonial)

E.F., Lancaster, California January 31, 1967
While using two mirrors I watched two silver fillings turn to gold. Another tooth had a cavity where a filling fell out a few weeks earlier. That cavity filled up with what was apparently the natural elements that a tooth is composed of.

Author’s Note: Some testimonies of fillings and restoration of teeth are from people whose dentists could not fill the cavity or save the tooth. After the dentists have determined that they cannot fix it themselves, the healing becomes more amazing when spiritually manifested.

(private testimonial)

Nancy E., San Diego, California July 28, 1965

My son had a separation between his two upper front teeth. Instantly these two teeth moved together as Willard Fuller prayed for him.

(private testimonial)

Deanie Spell, Jennings, Louisiana February 8,1970

My gums were very red and swollen. Every time I would brush my teeth my gums would bleed. Brother Fuller prayed for me and the Lord healed me. Now my gums are pink and feel just great.

(private testimonial)


This letter was unsolicited and gives the account in a natural, conversational way. It was written in the summer of 1968.

"One lady grew two teeth before she left the church that night. Brother Fuller said this was a miracle. He said ordinarily, new teeth first are felt in the gums, then they break the surface and grow in slowly. There is much excitement everywhere after prayer. Everybody is looking into everyone else’s mouth. People are wonderfully blessed as they actually see God at work.

Faith was strong there that night but there was unbelief there, too. One woman just wouldn’t believe God could do these things. Gerald and I and a few others, strangers to us, watched a decayed tooth turn to gold - - back to decay - - back to gold - - back to decay three times. You might find this hard to believe as far as human reasoning is concerned, but it happened before our eyes. That woman left with the decay although the gold seemed to have tried to stay there.

Janet, for the first time in our lives we had some understanding of the words of Jesus when He said, 'Let it be according to your faith.'

This same woman asked Brother Fuller why would God fill teeth? Brother Fuller told her that he had stopped a long time ago trying to figure out why God does things, but he could tell her this: He said, "Take a small child, ten or twelve years of age who has never been to the dentist in her life. Then God fills her cavities with silver or gold. When someone else sees these fillings and knows the child had never been to the dentist for filling, it is going to make an impact for the reality of God-power at work in the world.

But if all teeth were just restored to wholeness, there would always be some doubt as to whether there had ever been anything wrong with it in the first place."


1 This book used to be freely downloadable from www.willardfuller.com/Assets/pdfs/canGodFillTeeth.pdf .

2 (From the Editor’s Note:) Daniel W. Fry is an internationally-known scientist, researcher and electronics engineer who is recognized by many as the best-informed scientist in the world on the subject of space and space travel.

He is known by millions of people all over the United States, Canada and Europe for his lectures and appearances on hundreds of radio and television stations.

Daniel Fry is a charter member of NICAP (the National Investigating Committee on Aerial Phenomena), Washington, D.C. He is the author of several important books in the field of physics and outer space and he has been listed in "Who's Who of the West" since 1961. He is also the International President of Understanding, Inc.

While Daniel Fry was Vice-President in charge of research at Crescent Engineering and Research, he was employed by the Aerojet General Corporation. He worked for Aerojet at the White Sands Proving Grounds near Las Cruces, New Mexico where he was in charge of design and installation of instruments for missile control and guidance. And he was employed by the California Institute of Technology as a consultant.

We walk in the atmosphere of our own believing. Others may say whatever they please, but one thing I know: God will fill teeth! I walk in the belief that God will fill teeth. I walk in the belief that the gifts of the Spirit are real. I believe that God manifests Himself through signs and wonders. This is the atmosphere of my believing - the reality of these spiritual things."

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