At first blush, the uninitiated would think it odd that a technique apparently geared to relieve human emotional suffering would be featured and in fact highly recommended on a site devoted to the natural treatment and healing of teeth and gums.

The fact is, however, that EFT and other energy healing techniques have frequently worked wonders with both emotional and physical ailments, including dental ones! And basically, this is little wonder considering that at its most basic level, our body is just pure energy.

Impressive examples of EFT's potentially powerful effect on various dental and periodontal issues include things such as relief of "emotionally caused toothache", other tooth pain relief and resetting of a rotten tooth, helping avoid a root canal, dental cavities in a 4 and a 7 year old disappearing, relief of sore, swollen gums in minutes, curing a tooth infection, disappearance of the pain from a fractured tooth etc.

An example of fine-tuning EFT to stop dental pain after extractions

An interesting example of how different wording when tapping can make all the difference can be found on the internet. A person reported that they had two wisdom teeth extracted and treated the pain resulting from the tissue damage with EFT. Addressing the pain however "worked only to an extent". But when instead the person addressed the pain as "trauma", he became pain-free and very comfortable.

Incidentally, the above supports one of the foundational tenets of this site - that invasive dental treatments (and even more so tooth extractions) constitute major physical trauma to the body (in fact tooth extractions and other dental treatments have had fatal consequences in a number of instances[1]).

Using EFT for overcoming the fear of dentists

For those who feel they need or prefer to be treated by a dentist, EFT has also been successfully used to overcome the fear of dentists (which Healing Teeth Naturally considers a sometimes well-founded fear - unfortunately dentistry "as usual" has not infrequently been posing a hazard to both health and teeth [yes], compare Conventional).

How to learn EFT

You can learn online to use EFT on yourself or your friends or buy the classic EFT Manual by Gary Craig, see Books: Energy Medicine.


As a site visitor told me, FasterEFT, a synthesis of NLP and EFT but with a different belief system and an easier learning curve, apparently has been embraced by a growing number of EFT practitioners (including EFT's former "cover boy" Dr Eric Robins). Some links where you can learn about FasterEFT: (over 600 videos),, and .

Other energy healing techniques

While EFT can be a useful tool and is relatively simple to learn and apply, I highly recommend Donna Eden's Energy Medicine as well. While somewhat more involved, her variegated techniques apart from addressing most ailments under the sun, have also been used to heal toothache and actually reverse cavities. See Books: Energy Medicine.

Other amazing techniques amalgamate the energetic and the spiritual, such as qigong, falun gong and those offered by master and Dr. Sha (see eg. Spiritual-energetic healing links for teeth and gums: Tao Songs).


... and for a complete summary of the best, easiest, and most efficient ways I know to stop and cure tooth decay

after studying the subject for twelve years, click here.



1 For more on death following dental treatment, compare Pulling teeth: possible health dangers, Endodontic (root canal) treatments: potential (more immediate) complications, Potential risks of dental implant surgery and generally, Drilling & filling teeth: an unwise choice? (scroll to 'Death in the dentist's chair').

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