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Studies showing a link between lack of ultraviolet radiation as present in sunlight and tooth decay

  • The effects of lights of different spectra on caries incidence in the golden hamster.[2]

    Published in Archives of Oral Biology in 1971, this study was co-authored by three researchers (one of whom working for the School of Dentistry of the University of the Pacific).

    Thirty male hamsters were split into two groups of identical size and fed an identical diet (60 percent sucrose). For 12 hours daily, both groups were exposed to artificial lighting, one to fluorescent tubes with added ultraviolet (simulating natural full-spectrum sunlight), the other to standard fluorescent ("cool white") tubes.

    In spite of the extremely high-carbohydrate diet, the hamsters receiving the full-spectrum light developed tooth decay in only 2.2 teeth on average, while those kept under the standard fluorescent source on average showed a whopping (but to be expected) 10.9 carious teeth. What's more, the latter cavities were also ten times as severe.

    As a side effect, the high-carbohydrate diet combined with different types of artificial lighting also affected the sexual maturation of the animals. Those kept under cool white lighting showed strongly underdeveloped genitals (one-fifth in size compared to those kept under the simulated natural sunlight).
  • Ultraviolet light and dental caries in children.

    This study published in Caries Research in 1989 involved 83 schoolchildren followed for 22 months after installing full-spectrum lighting in two classrooms at four primary schools in Canada. It was found that over the study period, those who received the full-spectrum light had very low or no increase in caries incidence compared with controls not exposed to "UV-enriched" lighting sources.

Studies reported by Dr. John Nash Ott in "Health and Light" (see Books further below)

  • Tooth decay in children and full-spectrum fluorescent light

    A pilot project undertaken in 1973 among first-graders in a windowless school showed dramatic improvements in children with nervous fatigue, irritability, lapses of attention, and hyperactivity PLUS a concomitant improvement in caries incidence.

    Within a week after installation of full-spectrum fluorescent tubes (closely duplicating natural daylight), attention and overall classroom performance improved, nervousness diminished, the children became markedly calmer and far more interested in their work.

    They were followed for a total of five months during which no improvement was noted in the first-graders who continued to be exposed to standard fluorescent lighting. The experiment was conducted in a total of three different schools with similar results.

    Several dentists (members of the Sarasota County Dental Society) extended the range of the study by measuring the extent of tooth decay in the new six-year molars (mandibular first molars) of the children exposed to the full-spectrum lighting. They were able to demonstrate a highly significant difference - the duplicated natural lighting lowered the dental caries incidence by two thirds compared to controls, which correlates well with the above-quoted results found in hamsters.

  • Calcium absorption and full-spectrum fluorescent lighting

    A study conducted at the Chelsea, Mass., Soldiers Home (a health care facility) showed that individuals exposed to a simulated sunlight environment absorb calcium more efficiently than those exposed to standard "cool white" fluorescent lighting (this study was reported at the 1971 Illuminating Engineers Society convention held in Chicago).

Books by Dr. John Ott on the effect of light on health: landmark research

After studying the subject of the influence of light on plants, animals and humans for many decades, Dr. Ott (1909-2000) came to consider light the forgotten nutrient - where similar to food, taking in the wrong kind and amount can make us ill and taking in the right kind and amount can help keep and get us well (as well as similar to trace elements, where too much of one and too little or none of another versus just the right amount can do the same).

Interestingly, Dr. Ott developed severe arthritis in his hip in his fifties which was quite "accidentally" healed when he discontinued wearing his glasses after they broke - a discovery which opened his eyes to the importance of full-spectrum light reaching the pineal gland via the unobstructed eyes, the health and healing-promoting effect of which has been successfully tested even with a number of cancer patients (see links under Footnote 1).

Dr. Ott has written must-read books on his ground-breaking discoveries, two of which are listed in the following. He eventually developed full-spectrum lighting systems and founded OttLite Technology in 1989.

As with his books, his "High Definition Natural Lighting" products are available via Amazon and if you use Healing Teeth Naturally's Amazon partner links, you can support this site's work at no extra expense to you, see Support this site.

Health and Light
The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things

by Dr. John N. Ott

The classic must-read.

Light, Radiation, and You
How to Stay Healthy

by Dr. John N. Ott

Summarizes some of the key findings of his previous books and has up-to-date information including details on the very encouraging results of a study carried out at the Cancer Research Department of a Medical Center in the US and its untimely abortion, many reports of cancer patients doing well thanks to sunlight exposure, the biological toxicity of electromagnetic radiation emissions from many household items, etc.


1 Other diseases also appear to be linked to "malillumination" and the absence of full-spectrum light, such as cancer, see e.g. Full-Spectrum Sunlight and Cancer and Sunlight, cancer, leukemia & cancer prevention.

Natural light appears to be one of several essential prerequisites for health (for a list of six foundational pillars of health, see Healing Cancer Naturally’s “Greatest Hits”).

2 Healing Teeth Naturally does not endorse animal experimentation, for the reasons compare for instance Animal Experimentation Unscientific. However, since the studies have already been done, it will list those that may be relevant to humans.

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