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In the book she wrote about her self-healing from malignant melanoma3, Jaquie Davison briefly recounts how after adopting the very demanding Gerson therapy in an attempt to save her life, she experienced some amazing instances of dental healing.

What is the Gerson therapy?

Named after its "father" Dr. Max Gerson, the Gerson therapy  is a diet- and detoxification-based approach to healing cancer and degenerative diseases revolving among other things around the cutting out of all devitalized foodstuffs, the frequent ingestion of freshly squeezed organic juices, regular coffee enemas to help detoxify the liver, and (at the time of Davison's healing) fresh raw liver.1

This type of diet among other things supplies large amounts of vitamin C, D and A important for tooth and other health and helps to alkalinize and detoxify the body.

Jaquie Davison's teeth healings

Jaquie carried a number of fillings and even a metal partial plate in her mouth. Soon after starting on the Gerson regime, her mouth began to react violently to the metal partial plate and the fillings so that she removed the plate when going through a detox crisis or fever.4

A molar that supported her partial plate had a cavity that she hadn't had "fixed" since she was concerned about the anesthetic the dentist would use. This molar started "acting strangely", creating great discomfort in the area.

Upon closer inspection, a chunk of enamel could be seen in front of the molar which looked like another tooth growing in. During an episode of particular discomfort she rubbed the tooth with a paper towel and a large piece fell off with a brown cavity on it.

As she soon discovered, the decayed portion of the tooth had been pushed off by the new enamel that had grown in, leaving a  perfectly normal tooth in its stead.

Another tooth on the same side of her mouth but in her lower jaw had been drilled five years earlier and consequently turned black2. She expected this tooth to be doomed.

When it began hurting to the point that she went to see a dentist to have it pulled, to her amazement, the tooth turned out to be totally sound as confirmed by the dentist, and had even recovered its former white colour.

Albeit causing a lot of pain in the process, the tooth had repaired itself, and after the repair was complete, never hurt again. Considering that generally, a blackened tooth is considered dead, this is a particularly impressive instance of tooth regeneration.

Jaquie Davison explains her tooth healing miracles partially by her ingestion of copious amounts of mung bean sprouts which she read help teeth rebuild themselves. She adds that her gums also are pink and healthy.

It can be safely assumed that her (partial) dental recovery was also due to the large amounts of vitamin D and A as well as other nutrients in her diet.

What is highly noteworthy is the fact that both teeth caused pain or discomfort as they were in fact regenerating which throws a new light on possible causes of toothache!

Another instance of "hellish pain" indicating and followed by tooth self-repair can be read at Testimonial: tooth decay reversed and tooth structure repaired: a dental regeneration "miracle" following Dr. Hamer’s 'German New Medicine' principles.

Note: Jaquie Davison was not a vegetarian

As indicated above, although the Gerson therapy certainly includes large amounts of freshly squeezed plant juices, (sadly for me) it also prescribed (at least at the time of Jaquie's healing) animal products (raw liver).

In fact, Jaquie Davison drank raw liver juice up to three times a day (her daily schedule in the beginning included a total of 36 ounces of liver juice). Additionally, she had regular crude liver injections, took "Pan Plus Bile" and in her book recommends liver as the best source of B vitamins.

In other words, Jaquie Davison's case cannot be quoted as an example of a person regenerating teeth by adopting a purely vegetarian/vegan approach.

Other remarkable testimonials of tooth regeneration

which did not use a purely physical approach can be found in the Spirituality section and under Tooth regeneration via visualisation.


1 For details see for instance Gerson Diet for Cancer.

2 This is quite common, drilling and filling can trigger the death of the pulp or nerve (see How drilling and filling can damage teeth).

3 Cancer Winner: How I Purged Myself of Melanoma, by Jaquie Davison.

4 Compare for instance Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark on the 'Horrors Of Metal Dentistry'.

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