Herbal gum packs made with turmeric powder, aloe, willow bark, vitamin E, and powdered alum plus dietary change heal painful and bleeding gums, teeth wiggling in their sockets

www.1sthealthsource.com/articles/teeth/teeth.html reports on a man's dramatic gum healing who was scheduled for dental surgery and about to lose most or all of his teeth:

"Sat Darshan, 53, had serious gum disease, brought on, in his words, by a 'history of poor oral hygiene, a lifetime of late night sweets, and decades of smoking.'

He started taking Coenzyme Q10 daily to stabilize the gum tissue, and implemented some basic lifestyle changes, thus slowing the degeneration of his mouth's condition.

Darshan's actual recovery started when he sought out herbal therapy as a last resort. On the advice of a herbalist, Darshan began a regime of nightly gum packs made from herbs rolled in gauze, which he tucked into the corners of his mouth. A combination of turmeric, aloe[2], willow bark, vitamin E, and powdered alum did the trick. He rapidly noted a 'significant turnaround,' and by the four-month mark was out of crisis.

Darshan's periodontist concurred. Following therapy, which also included dietary supplements and brushing his teeth with a mixture of powdered alum and salt, his teeth were more solid in his mouth, and he avoided any extractions.

Now, four years later, Darshan still has no significant periodontal disease, just a couple of spots, which is [considered to be] quite normal for a man his age. Even though Darshan's results were dramatic, he emphasizes that it 'didn't just happen. It took a tremendous amount of effort and some discomfort' to save his teeth."

Note by Healing Teeth Naturally: If you don't know what alum is, you'll find background explanations e.g. at Wikipedia: Alum.

Gum packs with turmeric powder, licorice root & vit. E plus goldenseal rinse heal sore, bleeding gums

The following testimonial was published by © 1998 The Herb Quarterly www.herbquarterly.com:

"Mrs. I, of Boulder, Colorado, knows the misery of gum disease. At age 45, she was making monthly pilgrimages to the periodontist to save her sore, bleeding gums. These sessions were necessary, but quite painful, and she had grown to dread them.

After fifteen years of this misery, she committed to trying herbal medicine. Turmeric capsules, goldenseal rinse, and nightly packs of a paste of turmeric powder, licorice[1] root, and vitamin E solved her problem. She began the program only two weeks before one of her regular periodontal appointments, and her dentist said her gums were in the 'best condition ever'."

According to a comment by www.herbquarterly.com, "whole body healing along with local gum treatment can dramatically reverse [gum disease]. Turmeric mouth packs, specifically, work outstandingly well."

Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

1 Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) apparently is very helpful for teeth and gums.

2 For the dental and gum benefits of aloe, compare Whole-leaf aloe in dentistry and oral applications: a powerful medicinal plant helping against tooth decay (dental caries), gingivitis, periodontitis, and more.

Also compare the below-listed dramatic periodontitis cure testimonials, Amalgam mercury fillings cause periodontal (gum) disease (gingivitis, periodontitis), this extensive list of Herbal gum remedies as well as Personal testimonial: swollen gum due to rotten molar and (likely) fluoride poisoning.

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