Ana Maria LaJusticia Bergasa is an author and health advocate who will be 98 in 2022. In her early forties she developed severe osteoarthitis. Using her background as a biochemist, she was able to discover that she could completely reverse the  breakdown of her joint cartilage using a dietary approach. Essentially she found out the following: to stop her condition from progressing and to rebuild her cartilage, she needed to make sure that at each meal, she combined a source of protein with vitamin c and magnesium. Breakfast particularly must contain these elements.

In her book on how to win the fight against osteoarthritis, she writes:

"It's a well-known fact that in earlier times people suffering from scurvy also had osteoarthritis. Conversely, with pronounced cartilage wear it is common to also have issues with the gums. The gums will start to bleed and then recede and the teeth will loosen. In my early forties this is what happened to me as well. After improving my diet [besides osteoarthritis, Ana Maria had a number of serious health issues], my gums returned to normal and I was able to keep all my teeth. The same happened to a relative of mine. She did lose one tooth and the dentist even refused to replace it since he felt that her other teeth, somewhat loosened already, would soon follow. She too started taking magnesium and eat a better breakfast. Now aged 70, she still has all her teeth that used to be wobbly firmly planted in her mouth."

The "secret" to better joint and gum health is to combine protein, vitamin c, and magnesium in the same meal to give the body all the building blocks it needs to rebuild cartilage and gums.

Breakfast is particularly important due to the long interval that has passed since the previous meal. Since it must simultaneously comprise protein, vitamin c, and magnesium, she advises foods such as egg, raw ham, fruit or fresh juice, wholegrain bread, and tomatoes. To help optimise digestion, adding lecithin is helpful as well.

Note: the crux here is to indeed combine the above elements in the same meal, not taking them at different times in the day.

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