I just don't understand why medical and dental professionals don't take more precautions with extractions because as patients we fully rely on their knowledge and expertise on matters that we know nothing about.

I never made the connection so it was a complete shock when my healthy, fit husband went into cardiac arrest at the age of 51 four days following an extraction of an infected wisdom tooth.

Five months after that, he changed dentists to continue his dental care and after telling him about the heart attack post extraction he still insisted on extracting another infected tooth with the assurance that he will be fine if given an antibiotic... something the first dentist didn't do. Six days after the 2nd extraction my husband went into cardiac arrest again.

Ironically, when I connect the cardiac arrests to the extractions, medical professionals do not admit a connection between the two events. I believe that when cardiac arrest patients are brought into hospitals, the question should be asked... when is the last time the patient visited a dentist and what procedure was performed? I believe this is vitally important data that should be tracked.

Both times, we were not asked and when I mentioned the extraction they discarded it. They blamed his cardiac arrest on genetics, but heart disease does not run in his family. Very frustrating.

The public should really be better informed, but more importantly the medical and dental professionals should be aware of the connection.

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