Here is what happened in sequence:

I had a bridge removed only after it had given me pain signals for many months which I regrettably didn't heed. What had happened in this time is that the bacteria which had started infesting the area of one of the bridge pillars had had ample time to proliferate in their cosy, largely anaerobic confines.[1] The dentist said I had "gangrene" in the root of that pillar but I had no work done.

This area in my right upper jaw continued to be uncomfortable/painful (but only when applying stronger pressure on the tooth), denoting the presence of a smouldering infection at the root level, and I kind of ignored it.

One day I decided to ask a spiritual healer friend for a remedy to strengthen my teeth in general and to heal a nerve infection I had developed on the LEFT side of my mouth. The healer used a device named biotensor to determine the correct remedy or remedies.[2]

I proceeded to take the two remedies he had prescribed for c. three weeks in a row. I didn't notice any effect initially. Interestingly and completely unexpectedly, the "silent" root infection on my right-hand upper jaw was activated as I took the remedies.

The right side of my face started to contort (in an effect somewhat akin to what you see in Dali's pictures). The right side kept swelling, even reaching the area of my eye. I still had no idea what was happening since the process was basically painless and I had asked for a remedy for my left side infection.

Finally, about three weeks into taking the remedies, I had an impulse to look at my right-sided tooth in a mirror. Lifting my upper lip with my fingers, to my great surprise I discovered a huge boil (an abscess measuring c. 1.5 cm in width x 1 cm x 8mm) which had formed above the root.

When I touched it with my finger, it burst and emptied its contents — which was odourless (i.e. contained only dead bacteria or "stuff"). This discharge of pus resulted in the near-total clearing of the root (which as mentioned previously had been painful upon direct pressure).

That is how I got rid of the bulk of the tooth root infection on my upper-right jaw, a sensitivity to strong finger pressure remained but reduced to virtually nil over time.

I actually don't recall what happened to the (lesser) infection I had developed on the left side and which I had asked a remedy for. I assume it also abated but without any dramatic signs.

The fact that the deep-seated relatively silent infection on my right-hand jaw was so powerfully healed by taking the remedies shows that there was little to no placebo involved — I had been mostly oblivious to it and never expected or wished for any improvement.

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1 For a possible alternative to bridge removal after pain develops under bridgework, see Risks & complications of wearing a dental bridge (scroll to "8 Advice for those who wear a bridge and who develop pain").

2 i.e. best for my specific case: "correct" remedy means the remedy that was correct for my particular case at that particular point in time. Homeopathy typically is prescribed patient-specific, not disease-specific, i.e. treats the person and only indirectly the illness since each person may need a different remedy. More at Homeopathy and tissue (cell) salts in treating dental problems.

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