Eat a mineral-rich diet

For shinier teeth (thanks to mineral-rich dentin and enamel), the first area to look into is your diet. Upgrading your diet will not only help your teeth become brighter and healthier but benefit your entire body. Some of the best foods for whiter teeth are raw organic milk, seaweed, blackstrap molasses, and silica-rich supplements such as horsetail and diatomaceous earth. Discover the details in the Nutrition section.

Brushing teeth with xylitol (or erythritol)

A number of users have reported that using the sugar substitute xylitol for tooth brushing and "rinsing" has visibly whitened their teeth. Learn more at Dental healing reports re the use of xylitol sugar.[2]

Brushing teeth with MMS

Similarly, brushing your teeth with MMS can lead to healthier and brighter teeth. See Using chlorine dioxide aka Miracle Mineral Supplement instead of toothpaste.

Brushing teeth with magnesium chloride ("magnesium oil")

"Magnesium oil" is made by mixing magnesium chloride powder with water which gives it an oil-like consistency. We have anecdotal reports that using magnesium oil for toothbrushing has prevented all plaque buildup and made teeth stronger and whiter. Since it's not exactly delicious (in fact, extremely bitter), personally I would mix it with xylitol or erythritol for a better taste and added benefits.

Dry brushing

"Dry brushing" simply means brushing without toothpaste using a dry brush. This practice is credited with various dental health and healing benefits (effectively removing bacterial plaque, reducing gum bleeding etc.). This amazing testimonial also reports a clearly visible tooth-whitening effect.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a dental DIY routine which has many fans. It is said (and confirmed) to draw out toxins from your oral mucosa and destroying mouth germs. Reportedly it also  leads to whitening of teeth.

Brushing teeth with baking soda

A testimonial received by Healing Teeth Naturally reads, "I have two children who are 8 and 11. No matter how much I brushed their teeth always looked yellow. I started using baking soda two days ago and WOW! beautiful white teeth." Baking soda has also been used as a powerful stain remover, see A simple method to whiten stained teeth. Discover the dental benefits of baking soda.


Rubbing a piece of onion over teeth can clean, whiten and strengthen them.


1 Remember hydrogen peroxide is aggressive and can damage teeth - so use with caution.

2 Also see Best tooth-friendly sugar substitutes, Xylitol - the dental miracle sugar and Rinsing and brushing teeth with straight xylitol sugar has healed tooth decay and periodontal diseases.

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