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December 25, 2001

Well it's Christmas and my gift is to all of humanity (at least those that read this).

About 5 years ago I went to a periodontist because the skin inside my mouth was peeling off and my gums were receding. He grafted skin from the roof of my mouth to my gums, both painful and expensive surgery. When I asked him what caused the problem he stated, "you are probably just brushing your teeth wrong". I thought, "That's ridiculous! I know how to brush!?"

After the surgery, my problem continued. I tried switching toothpaste brands and it only got worse.[2] Then I read chapter 6 of William Campbell Douglass's book Hydrogen Peroxide - Medical Miracle, entitled THROW OUT YOUR TOOTHPASTE!

I stopped using toothpaste altogether and I started using 3% H2O2 and baking soda[3] and my problem went away rapidly. My gums even healed and now look healthy (shiny red and glossy). (As for my other problem [herpes], I can not thank H2O2, this [oxyfiles.org] website and God enough!!!)

And no, I am not a medical doctor...

Best Wishes For Health!

Dr. Dirlam

Addendum by Healing Teeth Naturally

Dr. Dirlam does not give any details as to how exactly he used the 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, eg whether he combined or alternated them, whether he rinsed or brushed with them, whether he first dipped his toothbrush into the H2O2 solution, brushed his teeth and followed up with the baking soda, either for brushing or rinsing, or any other combination thereof (conceivably, the answer can be found in the above-mentioned book Dr. Dirlam based his treatment on).

So you may wish to follow your intuition here and base your decision on personal experimentation (tooth and gum sensitivity/reactions etc.).

In any case, please be aware that prolonged brushing with hydrogen peroxide alone can lead to new tooth decay, see this important warning. Also make sure to read Hydrogen peroxide against gum disease: a double-edged sword in the fight against gingivitis & periodontitis.

Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

1 drdirlamATgrandecom.net, please replace the AT with an @ sign.

2 For the reasons why toothpaste can cause serious dental/gum disease, compare Toothpaste - hazardous to your dental and bodily health?.

3 More on the amazing dental/periodontal health benefits of baking soda.

Also compare Hydrogen peroxide and ozone against toothache and (upcoming) Ozone treatment against cavities.

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