The following case histories owed to eminent dentist Dr Ernesto Adler (1906-1996)[1] however point to more far-reaching (potential) systemic effects of impacted wisdom teeth - they can "impact" general health and wellbeing by acting as an "interference field" (which exerts its influence via neural, galvanic/electric and/or meridian pathways) and/or by acting as a bacterial "focal infection" able to spread and set up home in other parts of the body.

In each of the following cases, recovery was accomplished via surgery. While Healing Teeth Naturally does not recommend surgery as the first (but typically as the last) line of defense, these case histories make important points regarding the teeth-body connection and the possible impact of (hidden) dental problems, particularly since most of these patients had outwardly perfect teeth demonstrating that exterior perfection can hide noxious focal infections and interference fields.

Testimonials: impacted wisdom teeth and health issues

23 year old male with pain in his hands and spinal area of several months standing. He had just a few small fillings and otherwise vital and sound teeth. His x-ray however showed four impacted wisdom teeth. Immediately following their surgical removal (effected in two sessions), he made a sweeping recovery. He had no relapse during the entire follow-up period of nine years.

A Japanese man had suffered from "incurable" diarrhea for years, which no doctor or clinic could diagnose or treat. His teeth were cavity-free but an x-ray revealed an impacted wisdom tooth (still covered by the gums). Since its removal the man was free from his former diarrhea.

This is one of a number of cases Dr Adler cites as examples of the noxious effects of a purely neural interference field (i.e. where no bacterial focal infection is involved but where the effect is mediated by nerve pathways).

Female, 45, with recurrent eczema on both hands which no salves could heal. Four retained wisdom teeth were removed and the eczema cleared.

Male, early twenties, had been suffering from epilepsy for five years, consultations with eminent neurologists at home and abroad had been fruitless. After four impacted wisdom teeth revealed by x-ray were extracted, he was instantly healed.

Hairdresser, 22, suffered massive hair loss to the point of having to wear a wig from the third month of pregnancy. She had a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth and other focal infections in her mouth all of which were removed. Her hair loss subsided and her hair grew back.

Male, 30 years old, unsuccessfully treated for chronic hepatitis, additionally suffered from torticollis (he was hardly able to turn his neck). While he had no cavities or fillings, x-rays showed a deformed, impacted and tilted wisdom tooth which due to its crammed position pressed against the adjacent tooth. The bone behind the wisdom tooth showed signs of large-scale destruction.[2] Both the tooth and the affected bone tissue were removed. Two weeks later, the patient was free of liver disease and able to turn his head normally.

26 year old male suffered from recurrent tonsillitis together with pain in the neck and the back of the head. His treating physician had recommended removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy). X-rays showed a wisdom tooth surrounded by a deep gum pocket and far-reaching inflammation of the jaw bone which were both pain and symptomless.[2] After extraction of the tooth and surgical debridement (removal of dead, damaged, or infected bone), his tonsils regenerated and his symptoms disappeared.

45 year old female had impaired mobility of the left side of her body. After extraction of an impacted and deformed wisdom tooth, she recovered her health in two weeks.

30 year old female had lost 15 kg (33 pounds) and was diagnosed with thyroid disease. As visible on x-ray, she had a tilted wisdom tooth and an area of inflammation at the tip of its root. After removal of the offending tooth, she regained her normal weight within two months.

A 40 year old female suffered with extreme pain in her arms which kept her from sleeping. Weeks of hospital treatment brought no relief. Being toothless (edentulous), she had been wearing dentures for years. An x-ray revealed an impacted wisdom tooth in her lower jaw the surgical removal of which put paid to all her complaints.

25 year old female suffering with strong pain in the arm, particularly at night which no medication could relieve. She had perfect teeth without cavities except for an inverted wisdom tooth which pressed upon the nerve in the jaw. Again, extraction of the offending tooth effected a complete cure.

21 year old female: strong headaches and pain in neck and back muscles for months. Her teeth were free of cavities and fillings but x-rays showed her lower wisdom teeth were impacted and pressing on the nerves. Extraction of the teeth resulted in instant cessation of the pain.

35 year old female suffering with unbearable and intractable headaches was completely relieved after surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth and an infected dead tooth.

22 year old female with migraine headaches lasting up to three days which she spent in bed in a darkened room. While she had no tooth decay, she did have deformed wisdom teeth. After extraction of these teeth, she was permanently (eight years follow-up) healed of her migraine.

15 year old female suffering with back and neck pain for weeks. She had no cavities but two wisdom teeth pressing on nerves. Her pain vanished after a first tooth was extracted, came back however several months later. After the second wisdom tooth was removed, the pain relief was permanent.

18 year old male repeatedly lost all strength in his legs and had to stay in bed until he gradually recovered. His teeth were perfectly healthy except for four impacted wisdom teeth which were removed. All his issues disappeared.

64 year old male had suffered with intractable spells of dizziness for months which made it impossible to walk even 200 yards unassisted. He had no cavities but serious gum disease (periodontitis) and some missing teeth, and x-rays revealed a large zone surrounding the wisdom tooth affected by osteitis (bone inflammation).[2] Both the tooth and affected bone were removed. Within nine days, all complaints vanished, in fact the patient reported an extraordinary improvement in his general health.

58 year old male had been feeling out of whack and suffering with dizzy spells. Medical checkups and treatments yielded no results. He had a molar with deep-reaching tooth decay and a wisdom tooth whose root was surrounded by a large area of inflamed bone which had already reached the sinus of the upper jaw. After the removal of the focal infections he was healed within a week.

45 year old male with chronic irritation of the vocal chords to the point of aphonia (inability to produce voice): after removal of a retained wisdom tooth and inflamed jaw bone[2], his voice returned (case followed up for twelve years).

24 year old female: had been hard of hearing since age 14, then deaf and finally unable to speak. Nerve biopsies and neurological examinations gave no clue as to causes. X-rays revealed that her mouth retained rests of the roots of a primary molar (hidden by gum tissue); she also had crammed wisdom teeth plus diffuse bone inflammation.[2] After removal of the inflamed bone she found her voice again but her hearing was not restored.

37 year old male with hematuria (red blood cells in the urine) was cured after removal of a dead (previously untreated) wisdom tooth.

Also see Sciatica healed for two intractable cases that yielded to the removal of dental interference fields located in one or more wisdom teeth and similarly, Articular (joint) rheumatism healed.

According to Dr. Adler, interfering wisdom teeth can also cause vision disorders including blindness. In fact it's likely that the dramatic healings of several women - who regained their vision near-instantly after extraction of amalgam-filled teeth or taking out amalgam fillings - were at least partially due to the removal of neural interference fields since amalgam detoxification typically will take much longer to evince benefits in terms of health.

Also see Dr. Adler's two case reports of blindness healed.

How do we know whether an impacted wisdom tooth or an infected tooth/jaw is at the root of a physical problem elsewhere in the body?

Dentist Dr. Adler used neural tests (injections of an anaesthetic such as Procaine into the area of concern and pressing on "points of pain") on his patients to ascertain whether there was a connection between a focal infection and/or interference field (an offending tooth) and the specific complaint of the patient.

If the symptoms subsided after the injection, the link was confirmed and the tooth was extracted. Without such tests, many teeth could be sacrificed in vain.

Warning: adult (wisdom) tooth extractions in particular can be dangerous

See Tooth extraction risks which also contains notes on "safer" tooth extractions.

Does everyone get ill who has impacted wisdom teeth?

Of course not! Here as in most areas of human health it is a question of immune system vs "offenders". And one's immune system can be strengthened or weakened with lifestyle, diet and many other choices.

Are there other ways - beyond surgery - to "heal" impacted teeth?

Typically teeth remain retained due to lack of spatial development in the jaw. That this missing space can actually be created (added) by proper jaw exercise (at least in children) has been shown by a testimonial furnished by Dr. Herbert Shelton (featured under Dental health prerequisite number 6: proper mastication - exercise your teeth and gums by chewing well).

Additional proactive approaches Healing Teeth Naturally recommends to try before submitting to surgery include a radical dietary upgrade, vitamin D and K2 supplementation, oil pulling, water pulling, uropathy, MSM, various disinfecting herbs, and minimizing Exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs), all combined together.

You may also wish to look into Silvitis which after external application reportedly resolved inflammation in erupting lower wisdom teeth, together with related issues in the regional lymph nodes.

Youtube video: instant miracles

Dentist Dr Silvano Senn and RobertRowen MD discuss some instant "unbelievable" results (miracles) in medical conditions after addressing dental interference fields, root canals, cavitations and hidden infections.

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1 These cases are summarised and translated from dentist Ernesto Adler's book: Neural Focal Dentistry: Illness Caused by Interference Fields in the Trigeminal (Amazon affiliate link — commissions earned. German original: Störfeld und Herd im Trigeminusbereich: Ihre Bedeutung für die ärztliche und zahnärztliche Praxis August 2013).

2 All above-mentioned instances of bone inflammation or destruction are likely to have been what is known as cavitations which are dangerous hidey-holes in the jawbone.

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