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"I have to tell you a highly heretical story...

Exactly one day before Christmas about five years ago, I managed to dislodge a rather large gold inlay while biting into my wholemeal roll at breakfast, an hour before we planned to set off on holiday - what I thought to be a rye kernel had turned out to be a little stone and it was too late when I realized it. To get a dentist here in the countryside, much less one that practises biological dentistry, no such luck.

I then remembered a colleague of mine who once told me that he no longer went to the dentist at all. Instead, he got rid of tooth defects by visualizing the tooth being healthy using a technique he had learned from American Indians1. I didn't believe him. But you know, what was I supposed to do in my predicament, particularly as my tooth quickly started to hurt? So I did exactly that, while initially taking Coffea D12 [a homeopathic remedy] against the pain.

The next day, the pain was gone (this of course was due to the homeopathic remedy). Then we spent three wonderful weeks holidaying in Sicily. At first, I always "had" to keep feeling with my tongue how the tooth was doing. And each and every morning, I would do five minutes of visualisation.

Within two or three days a thin layer had formed and closed the hole, rather like a skin. It was a molar and the filling had been on the top. When I touched it with my tongue I could feel the new seal but the tooth was still sharp-edged. I don't remember exactly what happened after that. I only noticed that about six weeks later, I couldn't feel anything and that everything had smoothed out.

Back home to be on the safe side, I wanted to get an appointment with my super biological dentist. And you know how it goes, there were a million other things to do and at some point, I had simply forgotten about it. But later, my routine checkup was due, so I asked for an appointment and then remembered that tooth.

To cut a long story short, the dentist didn't find anything, everything was A OK. But - he looked at me and said he was confused since according to his records, I had a gold inlay in my molar number xy but now there was nothing and the tooth was just fine.

I then informed him about what I had done. In the end, it was him whose mouth was open and mine that was closed.

The final result was that he didn't want to believe me. When I remarked that he himself had determined that there was (no longer) anything wrong with it, he simply replied: 'But this can't be true!'

And yet it was..."


1 My colleague had brought this back from an Indian tribe either in Central America or Canada (I don't recall) with whom he had spent a few months. While he was there, he had a similar experience as I had. The Indians started by putting Coffea leaves on the hollow tooth and then taught him the visualisation technique.

2 Addendum:

In case the technique shouldn't work for you, there are two reasons:

1) There are houses where the only option is pulling them down and rebuilding since they are too far gone to refurbish them.
2) It's also possible that you lack belief in yourself and in your ability and power to heal.
Additionally, you have to train yourself to keep to your visualisation and not stray from it, even up to half an hour. This is a matter of constant and persistent practising.

Also compare "Psychology of teeth" and for those who don't mistrust all "channellings", see Abraham's advice on growing new teeth via visualisation. Additionally, you may find the following simple but powerful self-healing technique involving visualization, intention and - saliva very helpful, which is freely shared by healer Len Walker.

How can a human tooth regenerate by mental imagery?

While there may be no conclusive answers available at present, we already possess a few pieces of the mind/body puzzle.

For one thing, people are  known to be able to grow muscle mass by visualizing exercise, see Studies on the Benefits of Mental Training.

We also know that at the most basic level, absolutely everything - no matter how solid it may appear to our (extremely limited) senses - is pure energy - which of course includes our teeth. If we are able to grow muscles by visualisation, perhaps regrowing part of a tooth is the next step. And that some type of energy can indeed work to reverse dental decay (i.e. change the physical structure of teeth) has for instance been demonstrated by energy healer Donna Eden who has successfully used acupressure to this end.

In any case, radical tooth repair of a more "normal" type (typically due to dietary upgrades) has been observed in children as well as for instance in this case who followed an extreme form of a nutrient-rich diet. Meanwhile, we even have teeth regrowing in the lab (such as after implantation of stem cells, or using ultrasound).

Incidentally, many animals replace or regrow all or some of their teeth throughout their lifetime including sharks, rabbits and one primate, the Aye-aye. As far as humans are concerned, the only routine regrowth we know about is that of the human liver which is able to fully regenerate from as little as 10 % of its original substance.

Should you have more questions, please note that as mentioned above, all Healing Teeth Naturally knows (and all the originator of the testimonial has said about it) is freely shared (in translated form) on this site. If you want to contact the person, just follow the link to the German original posting below and post on that (German-language) board. I doubt however he has anything more to say than "imagine that tooth complete, whole and healthy, and do this regularly." That is really all that visualization is about. You can also follow a more elaborate healing meditation such as this Universal Light Meditation but that is clearly not what he did, or he would have said so.

* www.symptome.ch/vbboard/amalgam-entfernung/12901-amalgam-raus-zahn-ohne-fuellung-lassen.html, name of poster: HerbertVater

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