In fact, the so-called cavitations and cavitation infections (ischemic osteonecrosis) also belong to the field of dental interference fields and focal infections (but due to their commonly dentistry-related causation, the page dedicated to the subject of cavitations can be found in the Conventional section).

Silent "smouldering fires"

It is true that many patients carry interference fields in their mouth who have no issues whatsoever. Interference fields and focal infections are indeed typically painlesss and able to stay problem-free ("silent") for years.

All activities in our body are geared to maintaining and reestablishing equilibrium (homeostasis). However one too many stressors reducing our ability to resist and reestablish equilibrium can set us on a downward spiral. So any additional stress - such as an accident, some disease, aging, serious surgery etc. can bring the hitherto silent focus to life and occasionally even kill the person.

In other words, an interference field or focal infection in a person's mouth can be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Why is the body unable to effectively combat oral infections and interference fields?

German dentists Dr Adler (1906-1996) and Dr Lechner (born in 1952) both indict (together with other environmental factors) the modern abuse of medicinal drugs which blocks and weakens the body's natural ability to resist aggressors and to deal with infections effectively.

A hundred years ago, people with jaw infections typically formed fistulas: when the tooth pulp was damaged, a hollow tube was formed allowing the pus to easily drain (a purely circumscribed process which neither exerted pressure nor secreted bacteria-filled fluids into the body).

As Dr Adler writes, "some years later we often saw circumscribed apical ostitis (granuloma, bone inflammation at the deepest part of a tooth's root) which still was an expression of an active response on the part of the body even if it already involved înterference with remote parts of the body.

Now more and more frequently we are seeing ostitis diffusa (diffuse bone inflammation) resulting from weakened resistance, followed by dangerous flooding of the damaged immune system with pathogens with serious consequences."

Today's humanity is blocked in its regulatory centers due to medical drug abuse and interference fields.[1]

Latent infections (such as a rotten retained root [radix relicta] sensitize (weaken) the body - some examples

In his book[2], Dr Adler mentions inter alia the following cases showing how a person's resistance can be lowered by latent infections in the mouth:

An entire family had suffered arsenic poisoning (after the farmer's wife had mistakenly used E605 instead of salt). Everyone recovered except for the farmer who had had walking difficulties ever since. By pure coincidence, Dr Adler removed some septic retained roots from his mouth - and the man's walking difficulties were gone.

A family had been drawing its water from a well which as they later learned was contaminated with typhus bacteria. The only person who did develop the disease however was the father who also happened to have rotten retained tooth roots in his mouth.

Good to know

Problems which only appear on one side of the body often point to the existence of an interference field / focal infection.

Please note

All of the case stories featured in this section involve dental extractions. Lest anyone get misled into thinking that extractions could be the answer to most any kind of woe, please make sure to read Tooth extractions: potential health risks and dangers: cavitations, fatal dental infections, permanent nerve injury, bone fractures and more.

(In fact it can't be ruled out that some of the healing miracles ascribed to oil pulling can be explained by detoxing the focal infections and improving the bone.)

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1 A similar observation has been made in the field of cancer, linking the suppression of the immune system (fever) with antibiotics to cancer development, see Homeopathy, Carcinosinum and Cancer.
2 Neural Focal Dentistry: Illness Caused by Interference Fields in the Trigeminal by Ernesto Adler (Amazon affiliate link — commissions earned. German original: Störfeld und Herd im Trigeminusbereich: Ihre Bedeutung für die ärztliche und zahnärztliche Praxis, August 2013).

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