This book contains two references to the healing of teeth via the use of specially prepared sun cure remedies (substances such as milk sugar [lactose], sea salt etc. which have been exposed to the rays of the sun for an extended period of time following a specific protocol).

The extremely simplified rationale behind Lorber's solar remedies is that illness incl. caries is a lack of energy. By bringing in energy via the sun's rays, the body can heal itself.

Jakob Lorber's first tooth remedy: the caries powder

Jakob Lorber's caries powder remedy consists of plum tree ash exposed to (enriched with) the light of the sun used in conjunction with sunned plum schnaps, with the two being applied to the affected tooth 2 times daily for 3 days. This is said to make carious lesions in teeth disappear.

The combination can also be used preventively to strengthen teeth, for instance by mixing plum tree ashes and schnaps with non-abrasive natural toothpaste[2].

According to a German website and discussion forum devoted to the subject, this caries powder has been successfully used to improve the dental health of underprivileged women in Romania who due to poor nutrition and frequent childbirths have very poor teeth.

Additionally, the remedy (taken in the form of a commercially available toothpaste), has helped children heal small carious lesions, sometimes overnight.

The original instructions from Lorber's manuscripts for making the caries powder

"... I will give you some further medications, prepared through the rays of the sun, which are to be used externally rather than internally and which you may call sympathetic sunray remedies.

Take branches, including the bark, of a plum tree and burn them to ashes. It would be best if you had a burning glass or a concave mirror in order to burn, in its focus, the plum tree wood, which would, of course, have to be cut into small chips, to ashes.

The ashes must then be exposed to the rays of the sun for 5 to 8 days, and that in a dark vessel rather than a light one. After the ashes have thus been prepared through the rays of the sun they must, like the other medications, be carefully protected from the external air in a dry little bottle.

Someone with a decayed tooth can then take 5 to 8 grains of it, on a not too hard toothbrush which, prior to that, has to be dipped in sunned plum spirits. With this ash, the decayed tooth has to be brushed for 3 days in the mornings and evenings and the decay will be healed and the tooth, finally, completely restored.

Similar ashes may be prepared also from the stalks of sage which have been treated in the same way, except that the toothbrush is not dipped in plum spirits, but in spirits of wine of approximately 40%, after this has been impregnated with etheric oils of sage.

To impregnate the spirits of wine with the etheric oils of sage, add 10 drops of this oil to1 /8 of a pint, the little bottle is plugged up, the contents shaken and then exposed to the rays of the sun for 5-8 days. Then the bottle is wrapped in dark paper and stored in a dry place."

Jakob Lorber's second sun remedy relating to teeth

"The Healing Power of Sunlight" also details the making of a special salt that has been supercharged with sunlight. The book says, "this salt, especially the pure sulfur salt, has an extremely strong effect and acts particularly upon the bone structure, as well as on the teeth and hair, and is, therefore, to be used above all in cases of bone fractures.

... for internal use, at the most 1-1/2 doses of this salt may be used even with the most robust person and it may be taken only once, for if it were taken more often, it would soon bring death instead of healing. Since it acts mainly on the bone structure, it would promote the ossification (bone growth) to such an extent that a person could soon become ossified in all his parts.

When properly used, it gives the whole body a proper current and gradually brings about a complete change in the body, so that after a year, nothing is left of the body the soul has been carrying around laboriously a year ago.

Even teeth that people have lost are replaced, but the older teeth may become longer. Therefore, the doses must not be exceeded, as otherwise there may be trouble with a person’s teeth."

As you can see, if the above is correct this sunned salt remedy is not to be trifled with. While both remedies can be self-produced and can also be purchased (a toothpaste made with plum ash according to Jakob Lorber and the above sunned salt remedy are commercially available, an Internet search will lead you to the seller[s)], the above notes certainly warrant caution in the use of the latter.

Some general warnings given in Lorber's books

In addition to following certain dietary prescriptions and other things, "The Healing Power of Sunlight " also says,

"In some instances the sun cure remedies may be administered to patients at any stage of their illness without any preparation. This applies to persons who are spiritually well-adjusted and whose bodies have not been subjected to unnatural foods, tobacco products, and the poisons of medicines, etc. for many preceding years.

Examples of such an instance would be children and spiritually striving adults who consume pure, natural foods. In such cases a few days of preliminary diet and drinking several glasses of sun-cured water daily is sufficient and the sun remedies may be taken."

Jakob Lorber's books

If you are interested in making your own sun remedies and/or in reading Jakob Lorber's works, many of these incl. The Healing Power of Sunlight are available online[1].

If you prefer printed books, you can buy (some of) them via Healing Teeth Naturally's links (see 8 Easy Ways to Support This Humanitarian Site).


1 One online version erroneously states 1 Zoll as equaling 1.5 cm. Correct is 1 Zoll equals 2.54 cm.

2 Compare Toothpaste abrasiveness index.

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