Miraculous dental fillings appearing "out of nowhere"


Gold Teeth Miracles (1 of 3)


A woman received a gold filling in her mouth during a religious service held by Munday Martin in Phoenix, USA.


A woman received a perfect filling in a decayed tooth during a religious meeting in 2006, confirmed by two dentists.


A man with lots of problem teeth received a gold tooth at "New Song" meeting in 2007.


Spanish: a woman receives porcelain fillings on her teeth thanks to the ministry of prophetess Isabel C. Vasquez.


A Russian woman reports a dental miracle. She received a filling at a non-specified (likely faith-healing) conference and all crowns in her mouth turned golden (if you don't speak Russian, scroll to 2:25 where photos of her new gold crowns are shown).

www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxGbZL4tTHk (unfortunately no longer available at that address)

A brand new gold tooth appears in the mouth of a participant of The European Apostolic Conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2011.

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Spirituality & dental healing