Tincture of cloves

This remedy can easily be made at home and has the additional advantage of being useful for other applications as well (see below). Applied to the dental abscess (via cotton bud or a moistened piece of cotton), it works as a strong astringent and analgesic (pain-reliever).

Instructions for making the tincture:
You need

  • 50 g (or 2 oz) of cloves (whole or ground - as usual it's best to opt for organic quality to avoid possible contamination with agricultural toxins)
  • 250 ml (or 1 cup or 9 oz) alcohol (30-40 %)
  • a glass jar or bottle with a lid.

Pour the alcohol over the cloves, close and let stand for up to two weeks in a cool and dark place, shaking daily. Filter through a clean cloth or coffee filter and store in dark bottles.

This cloves tincture can be added to a selfmade digestif since cloves exhibit antihyperglycemic, antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant activities (particulary useful for overweight people with metabolic disorders such as hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia[8].

The tincture can be used for whitlow (felon) and insect bites. Adding some drops to massage oil is said to increase the relaxing effect. Such "cloves-flavoured" oil can also be used as a repellent against mosquitoes, midges and flies.

And of course, just as cloves by themselves which are used in cuisines around the world, your cloves tincture can be used in a number of dishes as a flavouring agent.

Cold water / ice packs

Similar to the remedies listed under Toothache: numbing the pain, to lower the pain, help with the swelling and keep the tooth infection from spreading, you may run cold water on the abscess and/or use an ice pack.

Propolis tincture (alcoholic extract)

Dip a cotton bud or ball in the propolis tincture (or use your clean finger) and apply on the abscess, holding for a while (any initial burning sensation should quickly subside). Propolis among other things is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial (see background on propolis).

Urine treatment

More at Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems. Urine, disgusting as it may sound to the uninitiated, can be a true sovereign remedy for issues relating to teeth and gums.


The following testimonial and treatment suggestion for jaw abscesses involving Ichthammol (a black "drawing ointment" possibly not easily available outside Germany, info at www.ichthyol.com/abscesses_furuncles_ichtholan_50.html) has been translated by Healing Teeth Naturally © 2009 from a German discussion forum based on the self-healing teachings of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer[1]

"I repeatedly get a swollen cheek from my lower molars. .... I am sure I don't have cavities, I think implants are resistent to tooth decay. But the bone, the bone... I often get boils there the size of a cherry and they can hurt like hell.

My health insurance doesn't pay for a resection and cleansing and I am glad they don't. Such a thing would just add further damage to the bone which is about to self-cleanse and wants to rebuild itself.

I've found my own remedy which eases the pain within minutes though I have to accept keeping my swollen cheek for a while. It does take a while for the pus to be drained out of the cheek. It's possible that salt water would help here.

So what I do to get rid of the pain is use Ichthammol, applying it to the cheek from OUTSIDE. This draws the pus into the cheek, removing the pressure (and thus the pain)..."

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

Judging by a minor success report I've received, comfrey poultices applied externally may prove helpful as well.

Colloidal silver

With its antibiotic and anti-microbial properties, colloidal silver is another good DIY remedy for abscesses, used for instance as a colloidal silver spray. More


Dental researcher Dr. Gerard F. Judd[2] recommends: "Abscesses can be offset by holding Cepacol (14% alcohol) in the mouth 5 minutes."

Tissue salt number 4 for tooth root "pus pockets"

See Homeopathy and tissue (cell) salts in treating dental problems.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

This is a relatively inexpensive substance available online and has been used to successfully combat various infections incl. in the dental area. More about MMS and its apparently powerful effect against dental abscesses.

Cashews/cashew shell oil

are said to help abscesses to heal. Apparently bacteria involved in tooth abscesses are usually gram-positive, and anacardic acids found in cashew shell oil and (likely) in raw cashew nuts are lethal to those bacteria.[3]

Dried peppermint leaves (oats)

Place some dried peppermint leaves around the abcess or tooth, spit out after a few minutes. Repeating this a number of times during the day should bring the abcess "to the boil". Open the boil with a pointy object (needle etc.), repeat the peppermint treatment. Also rinse with warm salt water. "Oats will work to draw out an abcess, but peppermint relieves pain as well."

Activated charcoal

A great natural remedy/detoxifier, but not really inexpensive, see Activated charcoal compress.

Calcium bentonite clay

Another natural detoxifier also used for dental healing, see Bentonite clay for swelling & pain in gums & teeth.

Eating raw tomatoes / tomato paste pack

Try eating a number of raw tomatoes in a row, your abscess may burst. A similar recipe against gumboils calls for "Hunt's tomato paste" (I assume any tomato paste will do) to be used as a compress on the abscess, with the tomatoes' acidity helping to soothe the pain and bringing the abscess to a head.

Oil of Oregano

See herbal toothache remedies.

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) tea

Red clover flowers reputedly are not only an effective anticancer herb[4] but according to a recipe found on earthclinic.com, one teaspoon of red clover in a strainer/infuser, steeped in a cup of boiling water for a minimum of seven minutes and drunk twice daily is very effective against the pain of an abcessed tooth (reduce to just one cup a day after the pain subsides).


Erika Herbst in her book "Die Heilkunst von Morgen" [The Healing Arts of Tomorrow] reports the successful healing of a "suppurating jaw" thanks to onion treatment:

The woman in question used very lightly cooked onion (to take away the sharpness) and as hot as she could stand, tucked the onion between her lip and jaw three times a day as well as overnight. Three days later, lots of black blood oozed from the abscess, and she was healed.

Specifically for onion against toothache, also see Onion, green onion & onion flowers.

Apple cider vinegar

Dab some (preferably organic) apple cider vinegar on the abcessed tooth/gum area. Make sure to rinse your mouth with water afterwards since vinegar will leach calcium from your tooth enamel[5] (and if you use apple cider vinegar regularly, see Foods to handle with caution for more suggestions how to minimize any possible damage).

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Suggested application to draw the infection from an abscessed tooth: make fenugreek into a tea and use as mouthwash, also apply directly by soaking gauze or cotton with the fenugreek tea and place on abscess (renew every hour). If required, lance the abscess to help it drain.

Another suggestion is to use fenugreek in powdered and/or boiled form as a pack to help draw out toxins.

Wheatgrass juice or powder

Wheatgrass, a rich source of chlorophyll and other nutrients, is claimed to have amazing healing benefits and has been used in cancer treatment as a nourishing and detoxifying agent[6].

Apparently it also has been used in the treatment of advanced gum infections. In The Wheatgrass Book, Dr Ann Wigmore reports dentist Homer Judkin's stunning successes in controlling Vincent's angina (trench mouth) and advanced cases of pyorrhea with chlorophyll injections into the gums.

Suggested application would be for instance swilling it in your mouth like a mouthwash and/or applying it directly to the area of concern (similarly with wheatgrass powder [available online and likely in some health food shops] diluted in water).[7]

Quark poultices
Swedish Bitters (herbal tincture)

See entries under Tooth root infection remedies.


Silvitis is a liquid remedy available from Holland with reportedly excellent effect on abscesses, see A forgotten but powerful anti-inflammatory for topical use based on natural ingredients.

Dealing with pain stemming from an abscess

The above suggestions and the numerous additional tips and home remedies featured in Natural, holistic and home dental remedies should have allowed you to successfully soothe any pain from abscesses.

Another interesting technique someone used to successfully deal with pain from an abscessed tooth can be found at Energetic toothache remedies: Hand treatment/massage with ice.

Tip: more helpful information on related pages

See Abscess home remedies (page 1), dental abscess success stories and Tooth root infection remedies which report on nontoxic, non-invasive and/or natural healing approaches (mostly) based on anecdotal evidence.

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