A 15 year old boy diagnosed with MS had been treated in various clinics until his doctors declared his case to be hopeless, with no point in any further attempts at treatment.

The patient had been confined to bed for weeks. Nearly immobile, he had to be spoonfed since he lacked the strength to even hold a pen, let alone a spoon or glass.

The family doctor knew about Dr. Adler's work and successes with various "incurable" diseases and asked him to examine the patient. Although Dr. Adler himself had no hope of being able to assist in this most serious of cases, he humored the family doctor and consented to look for focal infections and interference fields in the patient's mouth.

Dr. Adler started by manually testing the patient's spine in the neck area (pressing specific points which if painful have been found to be indicative of oral interference fields and focal infections). The test showed positive for the lower jaw and tonsils.

Subsequent x-rays revealed

  • a retained root (radix relicta) in the area of the first lower right molar surrounded by a rarefying osteitis[5] lesion
  • the root growth of the wisdom teeth was (age-specific) incomplete but the teeth were under lateral (from the side) pressure - as Dr Adler notes, creating a "neural factor".

Additionally, the tonsils were totally atrophied and purulent.

Dr. Adler explains that these are three major factors combined:

a) a septic-toxic retained root with an osteitic area, i.e. an area of bone inflammation (which was confirmed by the subsequent surgery)
b) highly toxic tonsils
c) and within the same segment[3], the purely neural factor of the pressure exerted by the erupting wisdom teeth.

These factors potentiate (fuel) each other in their pathological influence upon the "spine segment[3]".

As in many cases under his care and considering the seriousness of the patient's state (he could only be carried and had to be held during treatment), before surgical intervention the dentist sought to confirm that the pathological zones and the boy's serious state were in fact causally connected.

Using a fine needle, a few drops of Impletol[4] were injected into the tonsils and beside the retained root to observe the patient's reactions to confirm (or exclude) that his was indeed a "focal illness".

And indeed, following the injection the patient could more easily move his arms and actually stand unaided.

In the following days, Dr Adler started eliminating the (now confirmed) interference fields and focal infections in the patient's mouth. The retained root plus area of bone inflammation as well as one lower wisdom tooth were removed, and each tonsil was infiltrated with 0.5 ml of Impletol. Pre-surgery the boy was given antibiotics and antihistamines.

At his next visit, the patient was able to walk unaided, albeit slowly.

His surgery wounds were properly post-treated, as were the tonsils. When the patient had sufficiently rallied for the dentist to tackle the second surgery, what was left of the patient's tonsils was also eliminated. The patient tolerated the surgeries very well.

Only two months later, the formerly bedridden "hopeless" MS patient was back to leading a normal, healthy life.

Each time his three remaining wisdom teeth (apparently removing one had been sufficient to effect the cure) "played up" (further erupted), he had the beginning of a relapse with diplopia (double vision), incontinence, headaches, and ataxia (lack of coordination), all of which however in mild form.

He was treated by his family doctor who administered tonics, and his other symptom, bloatedness, also disappeared.

During nine years of observation (at which point Dr Adler's book appeared), he had no relapse proper.

Dr Adler's added comments on MS

Since a predisposition to this disease is difficult to ascertain, the only solution is to eliminate interference field zones in good time, i.e. prophylactically. He repeatedly observed the same dental "constellation" leading to very different health effects, i.e. while the outer "cause" is always the same the individual effect or reaction differs from person to person.

Dr Adler further elaborated on diseases affecting the spine in Fokal-Neuralpathologie-Wirbelsäulen-Organpathologie published in Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilition, Heft 4, 1968.

Addenda by Healing Teeth Naturally: other potential causes and cures for MS

There are a number of other potential causes of MS, one of them being dental amalgam (mercury) fillings (Dr. Max Daunderer).

US-American physician Dr. David Brownstein reported the dramatic case of a 58 year old woman whose MS of 15 years standing was turned around with high dose vitamin D3 (cholecaliferol) therapy.

She had been wheelchair-bound and working part-time since she always felt tired and unable to function mentally. Her vitamin D blood level was as low as 4 ng/ml (the range considered normal lies between 20 and 75 ng/ml).

As her vitamin D levels were increased (monitored by weekly blood tests of vitamin D, thyroid, and calcium levels), she recovered her ability to live without a wheelchair, to think, and to work full time, even though vitamin D replacement therapy did not cure every symptom of MS.

Many studies have shown increased incidence and severity of multiple sclerosis the farther a person lives from the equator.

Cutting out excitotoxins: excitotoxins such as aspartame lead or contribute to MS and other neurodegenerative conditions of the central nervous system. Background e.g. on Wikipedia: Excitotoxicity - nerve cells are damaged or killed by excessive stimulation by neurotransmitters such as glutamate and similar substances.

Nutritional approaches to healing MS: Ross Horne's book "Improving On Pritikin" reports the case of a woman about to become confined to a wheelchair who recovered her health using the Pritikin diet version recommended by Ross Horn, with all MS symptoms gone except some very light ones affecting one of her hands.

Books covering dietary approaches for healing MS include e.g. "Overcoming multiple sclerosis: The nutritional approach ... no doctors, drugs, or hospitals: a how-to book for MSers" by J. C. Ogilvie (1981) and "Multiple Sclerosis — Control of the Disease" by William Richie Russell (1976).

Earthing has improved or healed MS: The book "Earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever" reports cases including that of a woman who had "unbelievable results", was now getting up in the morning "without the usual aches and pains" and feeling great.

A second case saw much of his pain gone, was walking better, and was generally much more comfortable, and while he still had MS, his symptoms were greatly reduced. Finally, several women reported "remarkable remissions".

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1 Details under Dental interference fields and focal infections: important background information and Impacted wisdom teeth: potential health impacts: removing interference fields / focal infections can (near-)instantly heal physical ailments.

2 Case summarised and translated from dentist Ernesto Adler's book Neural Focal Dentistry: Illness Caused by Interference Fields in the Trigeminal (Amazon affiliate link — commissions earned. German original: Störfeld und Herd im Trigeminusbereich: Ihre Bedeutung für die ärztliche und zahnärztliche Praxis, August 2013).

3 Dr. Adler here uses the term "segment" as it is used in the system of neural therapy. To learn details, the interested reader is referred to the literature.

4 A mix of the local anesthetic procaine and coffein for injection (no longer marketed).

5 See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rarefying_osteitis

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