These observations also tally with those made by eminent Natural Hygiene[4] proponent Dr. Herbert Shelton.[2] HOWEVER...

While the above is certainly true and doable for people born of healthy mothers and raised and living on natural, mineral-rich, unprocessed foods, it also seems rather certain once teeth have been more seriously damaged by faulty diet (the effects of which apparently frequently accumulate over generations leading to an increasingly "poorer start" in successive generations) and toxic dentistry, cleaning is likely to be a highly important and possibly the second most important factor when trying to stem further damage to one’s teeth.

In fact "renegade dentist" Dr. Nara devotes the vast majority of his book How to Become Dentally Self-Sufficient to the subject of religiously applied proper daily cleaning, flossing and dental hygiene as the only way to forestall continued deterioration of (predamaged) or otherwise endangered teeth.

In addition, it also seems advisable to regularly clean one's tongue to remove any bacteria-loaded coating, particularly in the morning and when fasting, and of course, to well clean BETWEEN your teeth.[3]

A special advance mention here of oil pulling which you may wish to include in your daily dental and health routine, a simple DIY practice reputedly drawing toxins from your oral mucosa & destroying mouth germs while stimulating bodily eliminations and increasing metabolism, thus leading to various dental and other healing benefits and enhanced health.

Why prefer natural and non-toxic dentifrices and oral hygiene products to conventional (chemical) ones?

Considering the porosity and absorbency of your oral mucosa, it might be most healthful to only or mostly use cleaning agents that are actually edible or form a natural part of your system (many possibilities are featured on this site).

While there is a staggering amount of synthetic toxins being recommended or taken for granted (in the shape of toothpastes, mouthwashes etc.) supposedly as a means to keep or regain healthy teeth and gums, the following and related pages contain both background information why these chemical helpers may be far from optimal (and in fact frequently counterproductive for achieving the stated purpose since conventional toothpaste is more than likely to actually damage your teeth and gums — and possibly the rest of your body) and suggestions for numerous non-toxic alternatives for brushing teeth and natural mouth care that actually help your teeth and gums to become healthier (as seen eg from dramatic dental healing testimonials found on this site).

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