Dr Duncan writes that for periodontitis (gum disease infecting the roots of the teeth) - still known as "Riggs' Disease" at his time and only "believed" to be caused by pathogenic microorganisms - autotherapy would prove most beneficial and that certainly the patients already treated by this method apparently recovered, with all cases markedly improving as early as within a week.

Dr Duncan describes the autotherapy technique he and other physicians and dentists used to treat periodontitis in great detail. Generally it involved placing a close-fitting flexible rubber covering over the gums which allowed to catch any material discharged from the gums via a tube and suction pump after maintaining a partial vacuum for several minutes (Duncan comments that first-time users of this device are typically surprised at the quantities of pus, debris, blood, etc., exuding from the gums).

Mixed with water, the caught "effluent" is left to stand for twelve hours (during which it is occasionally shaken) and then passed through a filtering apparatus specifically designed by Dr. Duncan for use in autotherapy applications (the "Duncan Autotherapeutic Apparatus").

A few drops of the filtrate, mixed into distilled water, are then injected subcutaneously (i.e. under the skin). (In applying autotherapy in other diseases, the time during which the preparation is allowed to stand seems to vary from 0 to several days.)

Dr Duncan mentions several remarkable recoveries from advanced gum disease made under autotherapy treatment including two cases of "gingivitis pyorrhea" reported by dentist Dr. Nason (Omaha, Nebraska) and the following case of pyorrhea alveolaris described by physician Dr. Edgar V. Moffat (Montclair, New Jersey).

A dentist had referred a case of severe infection of the tooth roots and sockets (which he considered incurable) to Dr Moffat. While most of this patient's teeth had shown improvement under local treatment in the dentist's chair, one section of her gums had remained refractory. Dr. Moffat proceeded to gather toxins from the affected area by suction and repeatedly administered a strong dose of the filtrate (each followed by a sharp reaction).

The patient eventually returned to the stunned dentist who commented on her "miraculously improved" condition which was now "well under control". She soon completely recovered.

Note: The simplest (because DIYable) and best-known application of autotherapy is of course Urine therapy to which numerous dental healings (including gum disease) have been ascribed.


by Charles H Duncan MD (reprint of original published in 1918)

This is a true must-read for any physician and layperson interested in learning about probably the most foundational and important "doctor-assisted" nature cure in the world. Using autotherapy, Duncan and the estimated 2000 doctors (including high-ranking academics) who supported and implemented this method in the first decades of the last century helped numerous desperately ill patients to recover their health, including a person afflicted with mental illness.

In the words of one Dr. R. S. Rierson (Oakland, California) quoted in the book: "In all I have treated more than one hundred and ten cases with Autotherapy — boils, rheumatism, etc., with results that have been a revelation to me and to my patients. Eight cases out of ten so treated were cured. This included those who would not allow me to finish the treatment.

I believe Autotherapy has a great future and that it will relieve more suffering than anything else that has come before the medical profession."

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