Gum healing "miracle": a real-life story

"I had long accepted having a chronic condition of periodontitis (gum disease) despite regular routine dental care and twice daily brushing etc. I’d lost several teeth to it and bleeding gums was just a regular part of daily brushing. ...

Within days of using tooth powder, bleeding gums were history. Within weeks, my gums were growing back strong and healthy, something my dentist had told me would never happen. Loose teeth firmed up. Since then, I’ve nearly always used herbal tooth powders sourced from India.[1]

On a couple of occasions when I’ve run out and had to try using commercial toothpastes again, bleeding and other signs of chronic inflammation have immediately reappeared.[2] Can’t help wondering if the very products which are supposed to be assisting dental hygiene aren’t actually causing most of the problems, generating more product sales as people try to ‘cure’ the problem."

Why conventional toothpaste can seriously impair the health of your teeth and gums

For some of the reasons, see Toothpaste: a hazard to dental and bodily health?.

Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

1 For herbal tooth/gum powders, compare Herbal, plant-derived and similar products that may help with teeth and/or gum problems. For an even simpler routine that helps prevent (and possibly heal) destructive periodontal disease, see Baking soda as tooth powder for cleaning teeth. For several different approaches people have used to heal bleeding gums and periodontitis, also see below-listed testimonials.

2 This does not appear to be an isolated experience. For the likely reasons, read Toothpaste: a hazard to dental and bodily health?.

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Case stories: natural tooth and/or gum healing