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A therapeutic milieu is a place where everything is conceived to help children be cured from disturbances or illnesses caused by repressed emotions after having been abused.

Originally the concept was created in 1945 by Bruno Bettelheim and other European refugees in the US who had survived concentration camps in which they observed that the worst milieu where people are forced to live in causes the worst mental disturbances and illnesses : logically then the best milieu should be able to reverse such ailments and lead to complete cure with time.

The operating basis is non-directivity and personalized relationships (application of psychoanalysis and psychosomatics).

I personally chose to help suffering children through such a project because they are inhabited by very dynamic life forces as beings at the beginning of their lives, so most often they are eager to respond positively to the proposed help, while adults in the same situation could be cured through a mere successful psychoanalysis.

Since 1983 I have striven to create such a project after I found nowhere such an existing one to join after I had succeeded with my own personal psychoanalysis, and since then remained convinced of the definite therapeutic potential of such a practice, as long as it is adapted to children.

Being French, I started my attempts in France and found that many local children's mental health officials were interested and approved of it, but the other officials who grant license to operate programs for children had opposite reaction, i.e. they wanted to oppose it, and it would have been illegal to operate without a license.

I felt that, beyond the reasons they alleged, their opposition was mostly due to their will to prevent me from showing evidence that many so-called "incurable" disturbances and illnesses for which medicine did not know what caused them nor had a cure for them, are actually curable (children with cancer after medical treatments failed, autism, psychosis, mental retardation, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, obesity, migraines...).

After those blockings in France, I turned toward the US where I found a sincere interest in some state officials.

In 1990 I thus went to meet them, and after I was finished with those visits from east coast to west coast I found myself still left with having to create my project entirely on my own resources only. I had then to wait until 2000 to have saved enough money to be able to buy cash a place in the cheapest area I could find and also cover the additional costs of starting there : I found an attractive place in northern New York state, where winters are long and cold.

Unfortunately again, during that lapse of time, the officials of that state who had been very positive in 1990 had since retired, and their successors had adopted opposite directions : they too denied me licensing as their policy is now to discharge such children as soon as possible, not compatible with mine which is to cure them.

I then wondered whether the US had abandoned the road of human progress, focusing more and more on medications only, even if such treatments never lead to actual cures and no matter how bad the side effects could be.

Now I find myself with the option of being back to Europe to retry there again to start my project (www.sites.google.com/site/milieutherapyforchildren/).

For a new attempt, I am in need to find a rural place that I could use for free or buy for cheap : it does not need to be large as the project needs to be kept to a family size to make sure relationships are well personalized and that care is provided round the clock, thus helping only a few children, but the model is replicable by anybody of good will anywhere where needed.

Paper guidelines are available in English and in French.

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