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Orahealth XyliMelts

A very interesting product which seems to benefit many suffering with dry mouth issues - which are not only unpleasant but will promote tooth decay[4] and bad breath[3]. While oral dryness during daytime hours can be easily remedied with frequent rinsing / drinking, it can become a major disturbance during sleep.

And it is here that XyliMelts (which even have a scientifically validated study under their belt[5]) come to the rescue: XyliMelts are small adhesive discs each containing 500 mg of xylitol. Stuck to the gums and/or teeth, they slowly dissolve over a long period of time while releasing a small, continuous dose of xylitol.

While Healing Teeth Naturally generally recommends xylitol rinsing and tooth brushing as the most cost-effective way of taking advantage of xylitol,'s dental benefits,  XyliMelts have the advantage of being present in the mouth for longer periods of time.

(That said, we only know so far that the time-release discs are able to stimulate saliva production. Only future comparative studies may be able to indicate how effective in terms of suppression of caries bacteria they are when compared with xylitol rinsing.)

Amazon features many rave reviews of Xylimelts by dry mouth sufferers who  found relief from oral dryness at night and were able to get proper sleep again (some individuals with extreme dryness issues apparently weren't helped). There are even reports of mouth sores and ulcers having been resolved in a matter of days[6].

One man had a hard time eating due to severe dryness of his mouth (he had sustained serious damage to his salivary glands during radiotherapy for cancer[7]). He started using the XyliMelts and was able to eat again.[8]

XyliMelts come in mint and mint-free flavour.


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8 There are other DIY ways that have revived damaged salivary glands, see the dramatic case reported on the Dry mouth (xerostomia) page under "Loss of salivary gland function due to radiotherapy healed by dietary change".

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