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Note 2: For information on remineralizing teeth via diet, see the entire Nutrition section including Foods rich in minerals & trace elements: some easily affordable sources.

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Remineralizing toothpastes, powders, gels and rinses

Remineralizing toothpaste and rinses come under different names and packagings. What they seem to have in common is that they contain essential "bioavailable" calcium and phosphorus ions required for the natural recalcification (self-repair process) of the tooth enamel and dentin[3].

By furnishing tooth-repairing minerals during toothbrushing, smaller lesions in the enamel from acidic foods (fruit juices etc.), bacterial acids and/or overbrushing (i.e. tooth erosion and abrasion) and the possibly resultant sensitivity have been observed to fill in and thus reverse.

"Novamin" remineralization treatment

In this context, you may see the registered trademark NovaMin® bandied about - NovaMin® is the name given by their creators to a white, tasteless powdery compound made from calcium, phosphorus, silica and sodium (Ca, P, Si, Na), i.e. elements found in healthy bones and teeth.

Various toothpastes are on the market which contain NovaMin® such as Topex® ReNew™ (USA), NUPRO® NUSolutions™ Products (USA), SootheRx® (USA), Oravive™ (USA), Dr. Collins Restore™ (USA), X-PURR (Canada), Odontis-Rx Products (Brazil), Nutri-email (France), SensiShield™ (UK), SHY-NM™ and Vantej (both marketed in India) and Miradent products (such as Mirawhite tc tooth conditioner paste which is extremely expensive).

A special note re packaging and price: Mirawhite tc tooth conditioner paste for instance comes in preportioned sachets and can thus not easily be individually appportioned, ApaCare comes in a tube and one can spread as much or as little of it as one wishes to on one's teeth, which among other things is helpful for people who no longer have all their natural teeth. I would make sure to go for a tube-based product to save on costs.

NovaMin update (thank you, JR)

Glaxo-Smith-Kline bought the rights to NovaMin and disrupted the supply chain to products previously containing it, at least in the US. It doesn't seem they're making new tooth products incorporating NovaMin, including their own products. One can only speculate at the reasons.

Biorepair® remineralizing dental products

Another product formulated for tooth remineralisation called Biorepair is sold in the form of both toothpaste and mouthwash, with the latter also having a pronounced antiseptic effect.

Apagard / ApaCare remineralizing tooth care line

Another brand is sold under varying trade names including Apagard M-Plus toothpaste, ApaCare Remineralising Toothpaste, ApaCare & Repair Tooth Repair Gel (mineralisation after brushing), ApaCare Liquid Fluid Enamel and more.

Like Biorepair, it is based on hydroxyapatite microparticles (hydroxyapatite is the primary mineral found in tooth enamel).

Theodent Classic

A toothpaste with theobromine (yes, derived from cocoa) which one study (Effect of theobromine-containing toothpaste on dentin tubule occlusion in situ, showed to have similar beneficial effects on dentin hypersensitivity as Novamin®-containing toothpaste.

Eco-DenT DailyCare & SpecialCare Toothpowders

DailyCare Toothpowder is described as containing more essential tooth enamel-hardening and remineralizing minerals than any other dental care product. Naturally effervescent.

Wysong Probiodent™

A natural toothpaste made with edible (food) ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums. Said to help prevent cavities, remove tartar (calculus), remineralize teeth and harden enamel.

Contains among other ingredients sea plankton, Trona mineral salts, various herbs, calcium lactate, aloe vera[9], probiotic cultures, enzymes (non-vegan formula).

Uncle Harry’s remineralization powder

This tooth remineralization powder increases saliva production[5], neutralizes food acids produced by bacteria or ingested via fruit, vinegar etc. and supplies calcium and phosphorus.

Described as healing sensitive teeth by building up thinned enamel surfaces.

Fangocur mineral toothpaste

Contains bentonite[8] (healing clay) and organically grown or wild-crafted herbs (essential oils) incl. Melissa officinalis, Simmondsia chinensis, Krameria triandra, Citrus sinensis, tea trea, Mentha x piperita, Thymus vulgaris, Salvia officinalis, Curcuma xanthorrhiza, and Mimusops elengi which help to soothe and strengthen the gums.

The minerals and trace elements contained are said to have a remineralising effect on the enamel. No artificial colouring or preservatives.

Tips re remineralizing products

Since toothpaste application seems somewhat counter-intuitive (after all the teeth typically get scrubbed while one uses it so theoretically at least, as much enamel is removed as is added), gels and mouthwashes would appear a more effective approach unless one just gently applies the paste.

Products formulated to simply apply on the teeth may be best and most efficiently used by "rinsing" with them in the same manner one rinses with xylitol and pulls oil or water, respectively.

Xylitol and xylitol products (chewing gums etc.)

While xylitol's (a naturally occurring sugar) main benefit seems to lie in the fight against cavity-causing bacteria, with tooth remineralisation constituting a "side show" only, xylitol nevertheless appears to be a true dental miracle sugar providing easy preventive dental care par excellence - whether you are fighting cavities, plaque build-up, bad breath or dry mouth - xylitol products can provide effective "cariostatic" help. See Xylitol.

(an arginine bicarbonate calcium carbonate complex)

Patented by researchers at the State University of New York, Cavistat in a one-year clinical trial has been shown to be "capable of preventing the development of [tooth cavities] in the primary molars and first permanent molars of 10 1/2- to 11-year-old Venezuelan children".

Administered in the shape of breath mints, the study (published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry 2008;19(1):1-8) concluded that "[i]t was evident ... that mint confections containing CaviStat are able to inhibit both [the onset and progression of tooth decay]. As a result, one can conclude that CaviStat mint confection technology is a simple and economical means for reducing substantially one of the most prevalent diseases in these children."


RECALDENT™ is a product derived from casein (a so-called phosphoprotein precipitated from cow's milk and also found in other mammalian milk) which is technicallly called casein phosphopeptides-amorphous calcium phosphate (or CPP-ACP).

RECALDENT™ is said to strengthen teeth by delivering calcium and phosphate to the tooth enamel in a soluble form, thus helping to remineralize the enamel.

This product is (obviously) not for vegans and people who care about domestic animal welfare and in spite of it containing no lactose, not for people allergic to products containing milk protein. It can be found in Trident White Sugarless gum, Trident for kids sugarless berry gum as well as in some other products worldwide.

Since the ingredients list (besides Sorbitol, Maltitol, Mannitol, Artificial and Natural Flavoring; Acacia, Acesulfame Potassium, BHT, Calcium Casein Peptone-Calcium Phosphate [Lactose-Free Milk Derivative)] Candelilla Wax, Sodium Stearate and Titanium Dioxide) also includes the artificial sweetener aspartame (associated with dozens of disorders), the reader may think twice to ingest a product containing what looks like a proven carcinogen.[4]

GC Tooth Mousse

contains Recaldent but no aspartame, several flavours on offer.

A woman reported on the web that she suffered extreme enamel erosion as a side effect of chemotherapy, to the point she could no longer eat.

The dentist recommended Elmex gel and other products which didn't help. She happened upon Tooth Mousse and after a few days' application was back to eating normally.

Pearlcium, a natural calcium from pearls

According to site visitor Anne, "many people are reporting that their teeth are improving" thanks to Pearlcium (a natural calcium from pearls).

Calcium Assimilation Formula or Kid-e-calc (Calc Tea) Calcium Formula ("Dr. Christopher" products)

"Dr Christopher" offers a herbal calcium formula (100 capsules) containing horsetail, nettle, oatstraw & lobelia.

Kid-e-Calc Calcium Formula is a similar herbal product also made according to specifications given by herbalist John Christopher. It includes horsetail grass, oat straw, comfrey leaves and lobelia.[6]

A very interesting testimonial reads, "Tooth grows back: My oldest daughter age 13 now, had a dental cavity at age 7 (the only dental cavity among our six children). We had the cavity drilled out and a filling put in by our local dentist. Two years later, the filling came out and a hole was left in her tooth. Nothing more was done about it except the herbal calcium formula [Herbal Calcium] that you recommend in your book, School of Natural Healing, made up of: comfrey, horsetail, oatstraw, and lobelia.

This combination of herbs has been used very consistently by the entire family over the last two years. We have recently discovered that the hole where the filling was is now completely grown over and is absolutely unnoticeable even under close inspection."

Plant-derived colloidal minerals
(60 to 80 different minerals)

Judging by anecdotal evidence (one case I know of so far), these mineral supplements can be powerful helpers in stopping the progression of tooth cavities. (This seems little surprising considering that Minerals and trace elements are vital tooth and body builders.)

Perhaps it should be added as a precautionary note that to date, many of these minerals have not been studied so we know nothing about possible toxicity levels. On the other hand, our body is evolutionarily adapted to consuming plant foods and should in its wisdom be able to take what it can usefully employ and disregard (discard) the rest.

There are several brands on offer including Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals, Buried Treasure 70 Plus etc.

Vitamin K2 from natural sources

Vitamin K2 is a more recently discovered nutrient essential for building strong bones (and hence teeth) by its role in activating proteins responsible for utilizing and storing calcium, and most "modern" people seem to be deficient in it.

Unless you want to gorge yourself on animal fats and/or fermented foods (the richest natural sources), it may be wise to supplement with Vitamin K2 supplements.[7]

"High vitamin butter oil"

A vitamin K2-rich product derived from high-quality raw milk discovered by Dr. Weston A. Price in the 1930s which showed excellent tooth healing/cavity-reversing results for his dental patients when combined with traditional cod liver oil, a rich source of vitamin A and D.

(Since Dr. Price didn't know the nature of the responsible agent (recently determined to be vitamin K2), he called it Activator X or X-Factor.)[7]

Quinton hypertonic seawater

French physiologist and biologist René Quinton (1866-1925) discovered that ocean water is very similar in composition to human blood and made it into a drinkable "marine plasma". Sea water contains all the minerals and trace elements known to man - even gold - including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, bromine, boron, fluorine, phosphorus, lithium, zinc, iodine, manganese, iron, silver, cobalt, copper, carbon, silicon, vanadium, chromium, selenium, nickel, molybdenum, and tin.[10]

Quinton's ocean plasma is supposed to give the cells all the essential minerals and trace elements they need while strengthening the immune defense. Numerous healings have been ascribed to taking seawater processed according to Quinton. Seawater products made to Quinton's specifications are sold in two concentrations, isotonic and hypertonic. The hypertonic variety is three times more concentrated in minerals and trace elements while the concentration of the isotonic form is identical to that found in human blood plasma.

Schindele's minerals (Superbiomin)

Quarried in Austria, Superbiomin is a natural volcanic rock powder which contains many minerals and trace elements incl. silica, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, zinc, copper, and chromium. Numerous health benefits have been reported from taking Superbiomin powder (presumably thanks to a similar "mechanism" as with seaweed, i.e. providing the body with missing trace elements and replenishing depleted mineral stores).

For proper absorption, if you take medical or homeopathic drugs, vitamin E or oils rich in vitamin E or drink black or green tea, coffee or milk, keep a distance of 2 hours before or after taking the powder.

Currently (2019) unavailable outside of Europe.

More on crystalline formulas which bond with the tooth, assisting it to heal itself

The following is excerpted from Note: that website is no longer online and no further details are known to Healing Teeth Naturally.

"I reviewed several articles related to the scientific efforts to repair teeth in ... new ways. The articles pointed to new ways to seal and improve tooth appearance using crystalline formulas which bond with the teeth. These formulas have many basic elements in common with the natural tooth elements and natural tooth enamel.

The results of my research indicate that natural formulas can be made which contain the NATURAL NUTRIENTS necessary to enable the teeth to heal themselves. The best forms of minerals for this formula are chelated colloidal liquid minerals from ancient seabeds. Here’s the major natural NUTRIENTS needed for a tooth to heal itself:

  • Phosphate ions,
  • Magnesium,
  • Calcium,
  • Oxygen,
  • Natural DNA stimulator (from a plant),
  • a certain natural Protein Enzyme (from a plant)
  • natural stem cell enhancement (from a plant)
    and water.

Because ... our food [is] not supplying the necessary nutrients for our teeth to heal themselves, the natural formula would need to have concentrated, very large doses of these natural nutrients on which our bodies can draw to heal our teeth. Ideally this formula would be provided in liquid form, perhaps a kind of milk shake drink, which could be taken twice a day.

In addition, these nutrients could be included in healthy toothpaste formulas and thus help to support the natural regrowth of enamel and ongoing repair of our teeth with each brushing."

More tips

  • To save on costs, try using much less than recommended by the manufacturer, you may find it amply sufficient.
  • During the waxing moon phase, the body absorbs things better than during the waning moon (this is not an old wives tale but fact based on many centuries of nature observation). So if for cost or other reasons you only occasionally apply remineralizing products, you can maximise their benefit by using them when the moon is moving toward a full moon (beginning after the New Moon).

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1 which feeds your teeth from the inside - for more details, see the essential Tooth remineralisation/demineralisation page.

2 Also compare Herbal, plant-derived and similar products that may help with teeth and/or gum problems.

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