A Spanish psychiatric hospital sent a 50 year old mental patient (with the added diagnosis of hyperthyroidism) to be examined by Dr. Adler.

Her symptoms had started with a depressive phase which changed into an aggressive phase.

Crying, the patient sat in the chair and kept repeating her story of suffering (which was all psychological).

The patient's mouth was found to be free of any visible tooth decay but x-rays revealed the presence of occult caries (a hidden cavity not visible from the outside) in one of her teeth, which although at an advanced stage was painless and still covered by enamel.

As soon as the sick tooth was anesthesized, she was transformed into a new person. Tears still rolling down her face, she started laughing and continued doing so even during and after the extraction.

As early as the next day, the patient was able to return to her normal life and has stayed like this to the time of reporting, twenty years later.

Dr. Adler commented that her instant cure of mental illness showed that hers was a purely neural interference field, the kind he often saw in his practice. Such hidden cavities were very frequently acting as interference fields yet were little noticed (even by dentists knowing about interference fields) since there was no visible pus-producing focus.

A colleague of his joked that this type of patient had just one disadvantage - they all left without asking what they owed! All felt like they had never been ill - an observation reported by other colleagues of Dr. Adler's as well. This is the "euphoria factor" which near-invariably accompanies the so-called "phenomenon of seconds"[3].

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1 Details under Dental interference fields and focal infections: important background information and Impacted wisdom teeth: potential health impacts: removing interference fields / focal infections can (near-)instantly heal physical ailments.

2 Case summarised and translated from dentist Ernesto Adler's book Neural Focal Dentistry: Illness Caused by Interference Fields in the Trigeminal (Amazon affiliate link — commissions earned. German original: Störfeld und Herd im Trigeminusbereich: Ihre Bedeutung für die ärztliche und zahnärztliche Praxis, August 2013).

3 The "phenomenon of seconds" (German: Sekundenphänomen) happens when symptoms (pain, crippling arthritis, etc., and in the above instance, psychosis) vanish instantly upon injection of an anaesthetic into an interference field. This effect was first observed in 1941 by Dr Ferdinand Huneke (1891-1966), the co-discoverer (with his brother Walter) of Neural therapy (which uses injections of a local anesthetic into certain locations of the body to treat pain and illness). Ferdinand Huneke described the phenomenon in his book "Das Sekunden-Phänomen - Testament eines Arztes" (1961).

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