24-year-old Johann, a bachelor, suffered from the most serious depression. Feeling glum and tired and carrying what seemed like a stone weighing down on his chest, he was cheerless and lacking all zest for life. Haunted by forebodings of death, he saw everything in the darkest of lights. Always on the border of tears without knowing why, he neither wanted to speak nor laugh. He had been treated by a neurologist to no avail.

Gradually, Johann's condition deteriorated to the point where he could hardly utter a single intelligible sentence.

Johann's tonsils had already been removed when he additionally developed pus-filled gum disease (with his teeth likely loosened in their sockets). The dentist, after looking at his beautiful and otherwise sound teeth, didn't have the heart to extract them and instead advised that Johann go see Father Häberle, which he did.

Father Häberle first let his new "patient", who offered a sorry sight, unburden his heart. As was his custom, Father Häberle then checked his patient's organs one by one using his pendulum[1]. As he states in his book, he himself became depressed at what he found as it soon became clear where Johann's suppurating gums where coming from.

Johann had infections in the area of his shoulders and on either side of his chest. His liver and kidneys were damaged and he carried toxins all over his abdomen as well as his chest.

But Father Häberle didn't give up on the young man. He advised applying cabbage leaf packs[2] overnight on all the areas concerned, to be supplemented by vigorous olive oil massages in the morning. Johann was to drink kidney and pectoral tea and take Haarlem oil[3], with his diet to include lots of rolled oats. He was instructed to vigorously massage his upper and lower jaw every day with olive oil.

Applying these simple but powerful naturopathic detoxification measures, Johann was back to being a cheerful man seven months later. His teeth didn't need extraction either, and he was back at work.

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1 Some background on father Thomas Häberle and his naturopathic healing approach e.g. under Oil pulling for (dental) health (scroll to "On using olive oil for oil pulling", and Father Thomas Haeberle on the causes of leukaemia (an alternative explanation for "blood cancer"). All the details on Father Thomas Häberle's nature cure approach can be found in his books.

2 More on the use of the powerful (if at first ridiculous-sounding) use of cabbage leaf packs at Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr. Blanc: background on the therapeutic topical application of Brassica oleracea, and at Tumors healed thanks to cabbage leaf poultices and ... unconditional love.

3 A source of sulfur and other ingredients with antiseptic action, see www.haarlem-oil.com and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haarlem_oil .

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