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A woman underwent extensive gum surgery on her upper jaw, submitting to tissue and bone grafting. To help speed up her healing after this serious procedure, her husband gave her regular qigong sessions (using the La Chi qigong technique) at a rate of two to three sessions or more per day. As expected, her wounds healed up much faster than her surgeon had predicted. So far no surprise to the couple (and clearly, placebo may have played a role in the sped-up recovery).

What did come as a big surprise was the fact that another area in her mouth that due to its poor state was scheduled for the same type of tissue and bone graft surgery two months later actually had completely regenerated, making the surgery unnecessary. In other words, consistently doing the La Chi qigong technique had encouraged natural bone and gum tissue growth.

About Qigong and Chi Lel Qigong

Qigong is a self-healing method based in Chinese medicine generally consisting in specific body movements combined with meditation/mental techniques. Its aim is to balance "life energy" or qi (chi), to dissolve energy blockages and bring in life energy where it is lacking, and thus reestablish the free flow of qi throughout the body, revitalizing each cell. Numerous healings have been ascribed to the practice of qigong including of very serious illnesses[2] and the regrowth of teeth[3]

There are various forms of Qigong. One of them (taught by the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic & Training Center) is called Chi Lel qigong and comprises a series of simple exercises. The one considered its "essence", both easiest and most basic while also being very powerful, is called La Chi. This technique combines simple movements with mental imaging and affirmations ("release" - "absorb") and allows the person to effectively "collect" qi to use for self-healing or the healing of others. La Chi was used in the gum and jaw bone healing described above.

How to do the Chi Lel La Chi technique

A very clear guide to learning this simple yet apparently very powerful health practice can be watched at www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0hc8qjcTAM .


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